Piper: Apple shares rise about 4-percent in run up to major events

“People looking to make a short-term profit on Apple stock may want to consider buying before a company event, and selling the week after, a new Piper Jaffray analysis suggests,” MacNN reports.

“The group says it has researched the trading history for the past 14 major events, and determined that Apple stock tends to climb 0.4 percent between the day before an event and a week after it; if the former duration is extended to a week before, the growth becomes 4.2 percent,” MacNN reports.

“During the events themselves, Apple stocks slide an average of 0.7 percent,” MacNN reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. I’m still long on AAPL or $300.00 a share which ever occurs first.
    Though I might bump the $300.00 a share to $350.00 or $400.00 if Apple’s growth is still strong and the share price trends are still looking on the upside.

  2. O.4% is very different from 4.0%!!!! Why is it that some ANAList can be so dumb to make mistakes like this????
    0.4% of a $1000 is 4 buks
    4.0% of a $1000 is 40 bucks
    That’s a big diference!!!

  3. not his time. (and 4%, are you kidding? i wouldn’t speculate on something if the gain is a mere 4%) but anyway: at the moment there seems to be some kind of technical barrier at 190. all the iphone 2.0/me and you/worldwide domination rumors/news is already priced into the stock. it will take at least the next quarterly results to break free, me guess.

  4. Now on the other hand, if you bought AAPL in an IRA account you would have no gain taxes, only taxes when you draw down the IRA after 70.5. If you bought using Roth IRA you may have no taxes.

    How can you trust someone’s financial advice if they don’t even know how to place the decimal. AAPL climbs .4 percent almost any day it goes up.

  5. No.

    Anyone who has watch AAPL for more than a few months knows that AAPL drops 25% immediately after a major release. You have to wait at least 3-4 months before you will see a return.

    AAPL is a sell right before big Apple events. Buy it back the following week.

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