Apple confirms Apple Expo Paris pullout

“Apple has made it official that it will not attend September’s Apple Expo in Paris via a statement published by the French-language Mac Plus,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Year after year, Apple reduces its participation in trade shows because there often exists better means of getting in contact with our clients,’ the company said. ‘The growing popularity of the website permits us to directly touch over 100 million clients around the world in innovative ways,'” Oliver reports.

“The statement confirms a report published Monday by French Mac news site Mac Generation, which noted that original plans for conference called for Apple to occupy the two largest floor exhibits,” Oliver reports. “In recent days, however, all mention of the electronics maker was removed from the floor plan.”

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  1. I always thought trade shows were for um, the geeks and fanboys/girls. I agree with Rainer…who needs them when you have cool resellers and Apple shops popping up all over the place. I can’t wait for the Sydney Apple store to open. Then again I’ll probably stick with my Academy reseller as they’re pretty cool.

    On a switcher note I’ve got a class of eight students on a Wednesday (Sydney time). One student already has a mac, one is planning to buy a mac and a third is currently going through the Windows’ blue screen of death. I just switched him today.

    He asked whether he should buy a Macbook Air? I pushed him toward a Macbook or Macbook Pro. In a household the Air is the second computer not the main one and the reseller he was talking to said the same thing. Another fallen Window’s puppy. Yes!!

  2. The pace of change and rate of product advancement generally means most trade shows are irrelevant. Apple are far from alone in coming to this conclusion.

    Anyway, I would much rather have a regular Apple Store 50 miles away than an annual trade show 300 miles away. Not much point at all in the latter.

  3. Ah, c’mon, French people aren’t really a-holes, no more than any other population that has to deal with hordes of tourists. Try living in Orlando, you’ll get a little snippy in no time. I always thought the “Ugly American” stereotype was a myth but I saw it first hand over there. Really embarrassing people acting like complete jackasses. Why do people talk LOUDER when they don’t speak the language? Anyway, make an effort to speak the language and it goes a long way with whoever you’re dealing with.

    Frankly, the days of expos are dwindling. The internet and the ever growing number of Apple Stores provide the vast majority of people with every ounce of info they need to make a decision on a product.

    @ Martin – You should read about the Oil For Food scandal, then read about where the Iraqi insurgents got their weapons and ask yourself if you really want to pursue your line of discussion. The government of France was dealing arms to and taking huge cash payoffs from Saddam Hussein, all explicitly against the UN Security Council resolutions. So was Russia, China and Germany. These countries were against the war in Iraq because it was in their financial interest, not because of any moral high ground.

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