Mac vs. Windows in business case study: Macs have 1/3 fewer problems that are solved 30% faster

“We’ve been investigating the ROI from Macs versus PCs in the business environment. I was reviewing the data from a case study one of our analysts is completing and the results are interesting,” Ian Campbell, Nucleus Research’s President and CEO, blogs.

“We’ll publish the case study soon (get on our newsletter to be notified of the latest from our analyst team) so you can get a full look at the actual situation but here are two interesting data points concerning support,” Campbell reports. “This particular company has approximately 1700 employees with a mixed environment of PC users and Mac users. Here’s the interesting data point: On a per user basis, for every 3 trouble tickets the help desk opens for PC users they only open 2 for Mac users. In addition, the Mac trouble tickets are closed 30% quicker”

Campbell reports, “To net it out, in this company the Macs have 1/3 fewer problems and the problems are solved a lot quicker.”

“Sure this is data from only one company but it’s a fair comparison of sophisticated users in a roughly balanced Mac versus PC environment,” Campbell explains. “We’re investigating a number of deployments and look for a lot more from Nucleus Research on Macs versus PCs in the near future.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If anything, further investigation will reveal to them that Macs will require even less support than they found in their initial case study.

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  1. I have said this for years and years – furthermore, a huge number of Windows problems exist for all users regardless of their abilities (due to the vast complexity of motherboards, incompatibilities, I/O issues, viruses, etc.) whereas most problems for Mac users cease to exist as their experience increases…

    Complexity is the problem. Windows creates more, not less, complexity with each new version. Good luck with that! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


    Ok… so there are 1700 users.. w/o knowing what the percentage of Mac’s vs PC’s are, the numbers are meaningless.

    If there are 1600 PC users and 1000 Mac users,this looks bad.

  3. A large company has 100 people in IT. The company switches to Macs. 1/3 less trouble calls means they only need 67 people, and on top of that, the troubles are fixed in 1/3 less time, so they only need 1/3 of those 67 people, or 45 people. You think IT managers in PC shops aren’t scared sh*itless over those numbers?

  4. @The Rude Bellman,

    Uh, reality check. When you’ve got more than two or three Macs, like maybe twenty or thirty or more, and you’re using Apple XSan (or any SAN), You’re absolutely going to need full-time IT pros in your company, make no mistake about that.

    Our company grew from one Mac about eight years ago to 18, including laptops, and our IT department will have nothing to do with them, and so the two of us that instigated the move to Mac are stuck with what we’re actually getting paid to do [not IT work], PLUS we do ALL of the network and desktop support for all of the Macs. When you’ve got lot’s of any kind of machine you’re going to need dedicated human support for that platform. 1/3 few problems that are solved 30% faster is not zero – in fact it’s far from it. So if you’re thinking of moving to Mac in your organization, and you’re go to have more than four or five of them, get some kind of contract or full-time in-house IT support or you’re going to be sorry.

    I will never ever voluntarily use Windows, and Windows costs a whole helluva lot of money to operate compared to and maintain – period, but a workflow that is based on a significant number of Macs is going to need real professional support. So don’t send the IT folks away, unless they’re the sticks-the-mud that our IT people are, in which case you hopefully have the authority to summarily fire them.

  5. I don’t trust their figures. We have a much smaller office (10 people) and we switched everyone over to Mac last year and we don’t have a tenth of the issues we were having before hand.

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