Apple Back-to-School promo: Buy a Mac, get a free 8GB iPod touch

“Apple on Tuesday will formally announce details of its 2008 Back-to-School promotion, which will offer a free 8GB iPod touch to students who purchase a qualifying Mac,” AppleInsider reports.

“People briefed on the promotion Monday confirm that this year’s incentives will be the electronics maker’s most compelling ever, offering a rebate good for a $299 8GB iPod touch,” AppleInsider reports.

“In order to participate in the program, students will need to purchase a qualifying Mac — MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac Pro — at the same time they purchase the 8GB iPod touch. Educational discounts are also applied as part of the promotion, reducing costs even further,” AppleInsider reports.

More details on the full article here.


  1. I wonder if this will stall any release of a redesigned MacBook or MacBook Pro. I could see them keeping the current design through September for this promotion and releasing new versions in October. Which would suck. Really hoping for a new line up in the next couple weeks.

  2. I hate that I just bought the new iMac and Time Capsule when it was released a month ago and missed this deal. Anybody here think I can call up Apple and get a free Touch to go with all that dough I dropped — even though the purchase will be undoubtedly outside the eligible time period?

  3. It’s said that youth is too precious to be wasted on the young. So too this deal. I mean, don’t we boomers deserve a break too? I’m ready for an iMac, and could use a Touch for the road.

    Maybe if I show them my old McGill U card. (Me to Apple rep staring at the picture: “The long hair? Oh, I uh… I just got a haircut. And a head shave. Yeah, that’s it. Can I have my Touch now?”)

  4. @Raymond in DC

    Don’t have to be young to benefit from this promo, just have to be a student. I don’t think Apple requires you to be a full time student for this, so just sign up for a couple classes at your local community collage, get you student id, go to your local Apple Store, buy a new Macbook, get iTouch, then drop out before the cut off date and get a refund on your classes. Or stay in the class you like the most and drop the others. I’m betting going 3/4 or 1/2 time will suffice.

  5. I believe you mean “with which to pursue my PhD”. Hopefully not your PhD in English or literature. Don’t feel so bad, it is one of the least dumb grammatical/spelling mistakes to be found on the internet, but it is still quite prevalent.

  6. Maybe they figure when they release the new updated mac mini tomorrow, the things will be flying off the shelves they didn’t want to include the ipod touch with it because they would run out of both in no time

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