Photos of Griffin iPhone accessory molds show shape of next-gen Apple iPhone?

“Production equipment for iPhone accessories has possibly confirmed the exterior design of the 3G iPhone, according to a Chinese website,” MacNN reports.

“iDealsChina (site not linked due to speed) says it has obtained photos of molds being used by Griffin, which were built with the express purpose of producing new silicone FlexGrip cases for Apple’s yet-to-be-announced device,” MacNN reports.

“The images appear to confirm a thinner, more rounded back on the iPhone, and consequentially a new position for the camera,” MacNN reports.

More inof and photos in the full article here.


  1. Call me an idiot, but the outside of the new iPhone is about as meaningless as it gets. Some people need to get lives.

    Now, give me info about what’s inside and how it will change my average day, and I’ll pay attention.

    I guess I’m just as much of a loser for replying to this as I accuse those paying attention to the exterior are.

  2. Can’t wait for pictures of iPhone 2.0’s universal landscape keyboard and copy & paste functions. I wonder if they’ll show up early or if we’ll have to wait for the Stevenote.

  3. @ Jocko – Dell may have adopted that new design for their computers – or at least that would explain the pubic hairs found on a Dell machine returned to one of their customers.

    Even with the new OS X update, I don’t think Apple computers would get any snappier than that.


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  4. “The images appear to confirm a thinner, more rounded back on the iPhone…”

    No more than they appear to confirm the existence alien life, the Loch Ness monster, or the winner of the next Super Bowl.

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