Clueless USA Today article advises clueless PC shoppers to buy Windows PCs, ignores Apple Mac

“Lori Jantulovich stands in the middle of Best Buy’s computer section, flagging down a sales clerk. She’s trying to buy a laptop for her nephew. ‘I have no clue,’ she says,” Michelle Kessler reports for USA Today.

MacDailyNews Take: And that, if you didn’t already know, is the reason why junky PCs running Microsoft Windows outsell Apple Macs. Cluelessness. You’d think a major paper’s Tech section would come to the rescue, but you’d be wrong.

Kessler continues, “The first thing PC buyers must decide is whether they want an Apple or a Microsoft Windows-based computer. Apple is still in the minority — it had about 7% of the U.S. PC market in the first quarter, says Gartner — but the brand is popular with graphic artists, students and others who enjoy its unique software and design. Selecting an Apple PC is relatively easy, because only Apple makes them. There are only three main laptop models to choose from, for example. Buying a Windows machine is trickier because there are more options.”

MacDailyNews Take: And, that’s it for the Apple PC Mac mentions. Apple Mac users are in the minority (sounds bad, huh?) and, if you’re not a graphic artist, a student, or one of those “others,” (Benjamin Linus, perhaps?) well, just forget that Mac stuff, okay? The rest of the rather long article featured on the front page of today’s USA Today Tech section is all about Windows PCs, ostensibly because Apple makes their Mac lines so easy to understand. So, clearly, if you needlessly confuse the hell out of people, you get vastly more coverage from the geniuses at USA Today. The article ends not by recommending the easier-to-understand, easier-to-use computer to the clueless, but rather one of four piles of crap from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Gateway, filled with Microsoft’s craptastic Windows Vista along with even more gigabytes of crapware, and topped off with enough crappy stickers to make a NASCAR driver blush. In other words, by recommending a “choice” of four crap sandwiches, Kessler does a total disservice to her readers and comes off just as, if not more, clueless than Ms. Jantulovich.

USA Today’s “How to buy the right laptop PC for your needs” by Michelle Kessler, which is obviously dedicated to perpetuating cluelessness — Think Before You Click™ — is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anyone reading that USA Today article would be far better served with an Apple Macintosh. Period. Instead, because the writer is either yet another incompetent tech illiterate writing for USA Today and/or the bird cage liner’s advertising department dictated to her which personal computer makers to feature and which to ignore, many of Kessler’s clueless readers will end up no less clueless with another round of frustration, fugly hardware, an upside-down and backwards, derivative, inferior OS, and even more years of lost productivity. Bravo, USA Today. Does anyone want to bet that Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer (Gateway) didn’t recently re-up with USA Today for another year of advertising?




  1. Tell me, Art . . . why, specifically, isn’t a Mac the right computer for everyone? It is already the best PC on the market (bar none, running your blessed Vista/XP/98 faster and more reliably than another other machine. AND it comes with some of the very best user-productivity software on the market in the form of iLife, already installed . . . running on OS X, without question the most advanced, reliable, secure operating system available today.

    So, once again, oh wise one, why isn’t a Mac the right computer for everyone? (And please don’t tell me it’s the $$ issue, OK. You always get what you pay for. Period. So . . . .?)

  2. @art_
    The news article did not say whether the consumer is or is not looking for a Mac. The supposed consumer is clueless. The first question the writer or a sales associate should help the clueless person is to find out what does she want to do with her new computer. If you’re equally clueless about a class of cars, do you simply decide first what brand – Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, etc. – to buy before you compare available models?

  3. art_vandelay…

    “Believe it or not, MDN, not everyone is looking for a mac.

    Hell, I’d even say that a mac isn’t the right computer for everyone.”

    Yeah, I agree with that. I sat beside one of those people in my Maya class last year. He didn’t want a Mac but was quite happy with doing things the hard way. He even told me that. I have found that the people who really love a PC are those who like doing things the hard way.

    So you’re right, a computer that is easy to use and just works isn’t for everyone. By the way, those people need help.

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