What to expect in Apple’s iPhone 2.0

The Guardian’s Charles Arthur offers up a handy “guide to knowing what Apple’s going to release next” and explains what to “expect in iPhone 2.0.”

• A three-megapixel camera
• Video
• WiMax (only about a 5% chance of this)
• 3G
• Better Bluetooth profiles
• Voice and speed dialing

As for “what won’t be there,’ Arthur writes:
• SMS forwarding. Americans don’t understand SMS, and aren’t about to start now.
• GPS. Expensive, sucks power, imprecise, and isn’t standard on the vast majority of phones, so Apple isn’t losing by not using it.
• a cheap one.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The Macolyte” for the heads up.]


  1. FWIW, I tend to agree on the GPS side of things. Some folks seem to forget that the “S” in GPS is Satellite. And that the iPhone would need line-of-sight to make and maintain a connection.

    This seems like a PIA to me and wouldn’t work in the case I’d most like it where my beloved iPhone is sitting next to me in my car. Unless, of course there is some kind of antenna dongle. In that case, my objection would move from, “it won’t work.” to cumbersome, inelegant, and annoying. Three characteristics I’m betting Apple will avoid.

  2. GPSatellite…

    Whereas the tower triangulation method currently employed works WONDERFULLY and ANYWHERE I can get a signal.

    After actually USING iPhone’s method o’ mapping (which works even in the basement of our office, and I’ve used it to plan out routes before even setting foot in the car- As well as during a drive), I think that using a satellite to get your bearings is a step backwards.

  3. GPS is imprecise? They land planes with it, drop bombs through windows with it, and it takes me to within a few feet of the latest geocache. I wonder what the author would consider as precise, and how would anyone get it?

  4. I am skeptical about built-in GPS, especially when those who need it will have 15 3rd-party external add-on choices soon. Perhaps improved triangulation location on their existing software would do the trick using much less battery power. The iPod didn’t put FM internally, but provided an external solution for those who wanted it. Don’t be so disappointed if the new iPhone doesn’t have GPS.

  5. I would be disappointed if it doesn’t have GPS. That seems to be the feature that I most miss. I like the software emulation that currently exists, but it is not quite accurate enough. Last week, I got lost and it could only get me within four blocks of my actual position. Since I had no idea where I actually was, I still had to stop and ask for directions. Its the first time I’ve had to do that since I bought my iPhone.

    The feature I want most is a spam filter for email…then I could use my iPhone for my email…NO MORE MALE ENHANCEMENT ADS!!!

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