The New York Times releases Times Reader for Mac beta, requires Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin

The New York Times today released a beta version of its Times Reader for the Mac; a free download for registered members.

Rob Larson, Vice President, Digital Production,, writes, “Please note that Times Reader for the Mac uses [Microsoft’s] Silverlight plugin. The installation process will prompt you to install Silverlight if you do not already have it on your computer.”

More info and download link here.

MacDailyNews Take: Judging by the initial comments to Larson’s post, there seems to be some resistance by Mac users to (and/or problems encountered when) installing Microsoft’s Silverlight on their Macs.


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  2. While I haven’t had a chance to try the NY Times Reader yet, I have installed Silverlight at home in order to watch videos on demand on TSN (the Canadian ESPN). I haven’t had any problems with the newer TSN video player at all, and find it much more Safari-friendly than their previous one. That said, I do feel really dirty for installing Silverlight…*sigh* I like my hockey on demand, though…

  3. Silverlight is much better at serving up video than WMP ever was.

    They still need to get some things fixed, but for a version 1.0 software it is pretty good.

    Ugh, I suddenly feel dirty for having said all that…gonna take a hard scrub shower now.

  4. Didn’t Microsoft also recently announce that some new money-losing venture of theirs was “Mac-compatible”, only to have it turn out that it’s really only Silverlight-compatible?

    And yeah, not installing Silverlight on my Mac either.

    MW: should, as in these people should know better than to try to shoehorn new proprietary plugins into our browsers this late in the game. Use open internet standards, folks.

  5. just installed it and played around with it, not that bad actually, very fast to load and start whatever it has been coded for, it’s definatly not just for video

    could microsoft have done something semi decent? (prob not)

  6. I have Silverlight installed on my Mac, because I needed it to use ITV Catch up, which is ITV’s version of the BBC iPlayer.

    It runs ok. Can’t tell of any difference between Adobe Flash & Microsoft Siverlight.

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