Australian 3G Apple iPhone to be world’s fastest; set for June 9 unveiling

“Australia will have the fastest Apple 3G iPhone in the world, a senior executive of Telstra has told ChannelNews. ‘We know what is coming we have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it is launched in the USA. By Xmas this phone will be capable of 42mbs which will make it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest iPhone on any network in the world,’ they said,” David Richards reports or ChannelNews.

“The 3G version of Apple’s iPhone will become available very soon after its June 9 unveiling by CEO/chairman Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco say Apple insiders. ChannelNews has also been told that Telstra already have 3G phones for testing,” Richards reports.

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  1. And now we wait

    3G is indeed FAST, I have a notebook on it now.

    Hopefully iPhone 2.0 will address the needs of many, so we won’t have to wait for iPhone 3.0.

    I assume Apple also learned a valuable lesson, not to assume they got it right the first time, to manufacture 10 million at the first pop and then have to discount them AND wait several years, before releasing the next version.

    The cell phone market moves much faster. Apple has to release new iPhone versions at least every six months mandatory.

  2. I think it is all part of a finely orchestrated plan by the good folks in Cupertino to ramp up excitement over the next few weeks.

    And it could also signal better speed for the US as well…

  3. And another thing

    Apple needs to make the iPhone 2.0 in different sizes. Small medium and large.

    Small: For those who don’t need a whole lot and want slim size

    Medium: Present iPhone size

    Large: Larger screen, more storage and memory. Computer like in almost every detail. Sure it might look like a small box being held up to one’s ear to make a call, but most will be using iChat instead.

    Plus BIGGER is better. Just ask any SUV driver.

  4. While I’m complaining.

    Why the hell doesn’t Apple offer a low grade version of TV shows?

    It’s not like high speed is everywhere and I’m tired of wardriving to find a open high speed connection.

    LISTEN APPLE!! Glossy screens s*ck &ss;too.

    Thank you for hearing my whine. I got some cheeze whiz too. LOL

    I’m mad…thus my name.

  5. i don’t know why you can’t use 2-3 phones using 1 number. that way, i can grab a small phone when i go out at night, use the regular sized iphone during the day. that would be much easier than switching sim card every time.

  6. ” . . . AND wait several years, before releasing the next version.”

    What kind of crappy calendar are you using?

    Or does several mean one in your language?

    The iPhone was released for sale on June 29th, 2007.

  7. @mad mac maniac

    Your post isnt credible.
    Several years? WTF are you talking about? The iPhone has NOT been discounted, has been out LESS than a year, has sold like hotcakes.
    Sorry – what planet did you come from?

    Er..actually, they DID get it right first time, They almost always do.

    ‘needs of many’? Thats like, you and your girlfriend?

    ‘The cell market moves faster’ NO, it moves at a glacial pace, they just stick a new cheap camera in, change the shape, and still all the phones are CRAP.
    Apple have finally shown the world what a cell phone can be – and the rest cant do it.

    Stupid post – go away.

  8. 42mbps!@&?

    Who would have thought – my entire household and business internet connection running from a mobile phone…

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