Apple’s AirPort products take 10.6% share of U.S. retail 802.11n WiFi market

Apple Online Store“While Apple’s share of the entire US PC market hovers between 6% and 8% depending on the source, its share of the 802.11n WiFi base station market is even higher,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“Stephen Baker, an analyst for market research firm NPD Group, told AppleInsider that Apple took 10.6% of the market in unit volume last month. He added that the company’s revenue and profit share on sales of the routers are even higher,” McLean reports.

“Baker said that the AirPort Extreme has been the top selling 802.11n router for five of the last nine months,” McLean reports.

“Last week, the analyst told Macworld that the AirPort Extreme lead US retail sales as the top selling router in April, while the new Time Capsule topped sales as the most popular Network Attached Storage device,” McLean reports. “Despite their overlapping functionality, it was reported that strong sales of Time Capsule were augmenting sales of the AirPort Extreme base station rather than cannibalizing them.”

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  1. I haven’t seen any mention of Unsanity’s Mighty Mouse haxie, which has been around longer than Apple’s mouse, if I remember right. Wouldn’t they also have to license the name? Not that anyone would confuse software with an actual mouse…

  2. I have an Airport Extreme and an Airport Express (for the road). Both work flawlessly every time. There was a while where I had issues with dropped signals, but it seemed to be a keychain issue that’s since been solved with software updates. Even back when I had connectivity issues, these products were head and shoulders above everything else on the market. Have you ever seen that stuff? Most of it looks like TV antannae (“rabbit ears”), if you’re old enough to know what those are. I’ve run into people who bought something from Linksys, etc., who say the stuff’s still in the box because they couldn’t get it to work. The Apple stuff just works out of the box.

  3. Setup has always been a snap, which is why I buy them, but performance has been flaky.

    Seriously, why couldn’t my Cube connect to my white ABS but it could to an express. Why couldn’t my Mini get more than one bar 8 feet away, but then gets full bars with a new Extreme. Inconsistent flakiness.

  4. This just might have something to do with the particular niche Apple is working hardest on – upscale consumers. And those would be the very same people who buy most of the WiFi routers/hubs. So, maybe the numbers aren’t as stellar as they might seem up front. Maybe they ought to be somewhere north of 14%?
    We didn’t replace our Linksys when we bought the Time Capsule, though I don’t know that we’re “saving” anything by not activating it. If it becomes some sort of big deal, we have the option. I’m not into throwing away something that still works.

  5. My Mom got a MacBook and later got an Airport Express… I told her to take the cord that looks like a big telephone cord (Ethernet) and plug it in to the Airport Express, and then plug it into the wall…

    That was it. It worked just like that, and still does to this day. She even travels with it sometimes and sets up her own little wireless network in hotels and stuff like that. By setting up her own wireless network, I mean plugging it in.

    Even setting up Dual-Band networks is pretty easy (and worth it if you have the parts). Anyone who had an older Airport Extreme / Express and bought a Time Capsule can set that up with ease… It will give you 802.11n for your computers / Apple TV, and 802.11 b/g for your iPhone.

    The only crappy thing is after I set it up I didn’t notice too much of a speed increase… My internet service provider is too slow! Dammit!

  6. The extreme is by far the best wireless router I have ever owned. No dead spots. If the power fails, upon restoration, the router reconnects with the modem without having to do anything. No more unplugging and plugging things to get them to talk to each other.

  7. @trex67

    You is in the wroooong thread dude.

    Try the the one above –
    “Who will win the great ‘Mighty Mouse’ case? CBS and Apple or Man & Machine?”

    … see you there.

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