Report: Apple to please missile makers with long-term support of PA Semi’s existing PowerPC chips

“Apple will indeed support PA Semi’s line of PowerPC-based processors,” Ashlee Vance reports for The Register.

“PA Semi’s staff has started notifying a limited set of customers that the company’s existing dual-core processor will enjoy long-term support,” Vance reports. “Apple will employ a number of old PA Semi staffers just for this task, which is good news for folks making missiles, mine-sweeping gear and storage boxes… Uncle Sam hates to design new missiles only to have the guts ripped out by some dude in a mock turtleneck.”

“Apple has abandoned any efforts to push the PA Semi architecture forward,” Vance reports. “PA Semi was snatched up last month by Apple for close to $300m. Apple has yet to say why it bought the company…”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: MDN Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son,” who sent us this link, believes that “PA Semi is critical to Apple’s future plans for both mobile devices and specialized Mac motherboard chips that will defeat the would be cloners who install OS X on PCs.” That’s as good a guess as any and probably better than most. Why do you think Apple acquired PA Semi?


  1. Cause Steve Jobs wanted to modify the guidance software in a few of the missiles to target a large annoying complex in Redmonton?

    What better way to destroy the evidence? oops my bad so sorry here’s a few million for the clean up.

  2. Would be nice, if Apple use the PA semi chips to make the supercomputers. Isn’t it about time for Virginia Tech to replace their Xserve based supercomputer with new computers or Army should upgrade Mach with few extra processors.

  3. Apple Computer is now Apple Inc.! They need to start miniaturizing digital systems into just a few chips that are OS X computers. Smaller, lower power, devices on a chip (or two). Maybe a better G2, 3, 4, … Chip with Wi-Fi and …?


  4. Well, it won’t be the first time Apple have been involved in weapons of mass destraction:
    August 31st, 1999: The iBook is pre-ordered over 140,000 times. Steve Jobs introduces the SuperComputer Power Macintosh G4 at Seybold conference in San Francisco. The G4 processor with 500 MHz is able to perform over 1 billion floatcomma calculations per second. Therefore it is classified as a weapon by the US government. The G4 processor allows PowerMac multiprocessor configurations. The PowerMac G4 is running at 400, 450 and 500 MHz and is up to three times faster than a Pentium III-PC with 600 MHz.

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