Along with Red Sox players, crowds storm grand opening of Boston’s new Apple Store

“It was a great night to be an Apple fan,” Christine McConville reports for The Boston Herald. “Seconds after a cheering mob of Apple employees threw open the glass doors at the nation’s largest Apple Store [815 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts], awestruck fans ran inside to thundering applause.”

“As they spiraled up a glass staircase, the rock star treatment continued,” McConville reports.

“There was Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek chatting nonchalantly with a couple of Apple guys,” McConville reports. “And on the next level, Sox players Manny Delcarmen and Coco Crisp drew as many stares as Apple’s lightest-ever laptop computers.”

“By 6pm, when the store opened, [there were] 1,000 Apple fans waiting in a line that snaked down Boylston and along Fairfield,” McConville reports. “To passersby, the frenzy was baffling. Many stopped and stared at cheering workers in Apples’ colorfulT-shirts.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Steve” for the heads up.]


  1. I went there at about 9:30 and more or less got right in. The staff did a great job. A lot of cheering and high-fives at the door.

    It’s friggin huge. Like 3 Mall size apple stores.

  2. Only a thousand waiting at 6 PM? Maybe I should have made the trip in. What the heck, you can only wear so many T-shirts – and I mostly wear the slightly classier “golf” shirts these days … “polo” in the winter. How much drawer space can you devote to them?

  3. i am a huge admirer of apple, steve jobs and the people working at this amazing company. i think that most of their products are insanly great and i happen to own most of them. but never ever would i stand in line for hours and shout and scream when they open the gate let alone running by people i dont know and give them high five because they open a new shop. i find that embarassing. but that seems to be only me.

  4. Ralph, don’t worry…. I wouldn’t do that either, it’s not that it’s embarrassing though. Like you, my self esteem would tell me that everyone was looking at and judging me. It’s an image issue ralph. You don’t like you image.

  5. Whoop de freakin’ do. When Microsoft builds their stores there will be areas for the Excel Experience, the Outlook Pub, and the Zune Squirt Zone. There will even be a kiosk to reload Zune points which is pretty cool.

    You won’t have to put up with Apple’s cold, minimalist decor either. Dark green carpeting and wood paneling are rumored to be the design cues for Microsoft stores to give delighted customers the look and feel of a traditional office environment. Gonna be awesome!

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. Maybe it is me, but isn’t the term ‘fan’ conventionally used to describe someone who is a fan of a sports team?

    nb. ‘fan’ is derived from the word fanatic.

    And some upcoming real sports:
    MotoGP from France
    WRC from Sardinia
    FA Cup in UK
    CHELSEA v. ManU in ChampionsLeague final from Moscou

    Go Chelsea Go!!

  7. Ralph, this store is in an area of Boston is a very happening place at night. A lot of outside restaurants etc. I think the exhuberance of the staff was appropriate and helped make a simple store opening feel more like an event or a party. If they just stood there, it would have been boring.

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