Thousands expected at grand opening of new Boston Apple Store (link to jaw-dropping video tour)

“A new store opens on Boylston Street Thursday and a huge crowd is expected. It’s the largest Apple computer store in the nation and the first in Boston, WBZ (Boston’s CBS affiliate) reports.

“Police anticipate up to 3,000 people will attend the grand opening at 6 p.m.,” WBZ reports. “The building at 815 Boylston is three floors of technological fun that was eight years in the making.”

WBZ reports, “The first floor is all about the Mac – the foundation of the company and the building. The second floor has Apple’s hottest gadgets where customers can test-drive all of the iPods and iPhones. The third floor is all about service. There is a “Genius Bar” of experts providing tips, tricks and personal training. There’s also personal shopping, workshops and special programs for kids.”

Tour Apple Store, Boylston Street with WBZ’s Joyce Kulhawik (6:11 video) here.

MacDailyNews Take: Kulhawik’s startled surprise at the iPhone, which she’s obviously seeing for the first time (she must have been off the planet for the last year and a half) and at other Apple products (iPod shuffle, MacBook Air) combined with her astounded shrieks of glee at mundane UI transitions along with abjectly clueless questions (iPod shuffle: “What does that do?” MacBook Air: “What does it do? Could I read a book on this?”) make this video priceless.

Kulhawik even calls over Boston’s Mayor, Thomas Menino, who was also checking out the store, to a MacBook Air to show him two-finger scrolling and how you can read these wonderful pages that magically show up on the screen. The obliviousness astounds. Local news.* Gotta love it.

Regardless of this report’s vapidity, the good news is that it will likely draw many to the Apple Store to see what all of the excitement is about.

*We’ve worked in TV stations in the past. You’d be hard pressed to run a 5-watt flashlight bulb on your average News Department’s (on-air “talent”) collective brain power. In other words: If Katie Couric is one of the very smartest ones… well, that’s all you need to know.


  1. It’s not that Kulhawik has never used a Mac before; it appears she has never used any type of computer at all.

    The Wikipedia entry for WBZ states: “On Wednesday, April 2, 2008, it was reported that longtime sports director Bob Lobel, enternatinment reporter Joyce Kulhawik and TV-38 anchor Scott Wahle were among some thirty individuals fired in WBZ’s staff reduction. It is expected that the three will leave the station in mid May, but that is not confirmed.”

    I know she’s been on the air for a very long time, but maybe it’s best that they get a media reporter that isn’t so fascinated by the idea of a scrollbar on a window on an LCD screen that she has to show the city’s mayor how novel it is.

  2. The text below the movie window CLEARLY states “Entertainment reporter …” … Apparently some of you are totally clueless as to what that means. What it does NOT mean is any sort of technical chops. She’ll go home to her brand new Vista laptop – supplied by her employer – and wonder why it doesn’t seem to be able to do some of the things the one in the store did. She’s visually attractive, has a nice voice, and knows how to shill a product. Any product. Doesn’t need a clue, just something to aim the camera at.
    It’s a job, it pays well, and can YOU do it?

  3. The people let go from WBZ were let go for “corporate” reasons. The suit (another specialized category of “employee”) that made the decision may not even have seen any of their work. Lobel and Kulhawik made the mistake of staying around too long and of “getting old” – they’re both over 30. That they both can tout good ratings only means those ratings are about to drop. Sometime. Soon. Maybe. No, CERTAINLY. Yeah. It’s always happened before. And kids respond better to younger faces. And kids are the target audience. So. Over 30 is out. End of story.
    Such is the world of corporate entertainment.

  4. I think WBZ should be commended for hiring the “special” people. There’s not many jobs they can do out there, and standing around with a microphone and asking questions like, “What does this do?” and making observations like, “So, this is like opening pages of a book” is perfect for them.

    Kudos WBZ.

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