Lines form ahead of Apple Store Boylston Street grand opening

Lines have begun to form for the grand opening (today, 6pm EDT) of Apple’s newest and largest U.S. Apple Retail Store, Apple Store Boylston Street in Boston.

The Apple Store Boylston Street features two floors of Macs, iPhones and iPods for customers to experience hands-on, as well as a top floor dedicated to innovative services including the Genius Bar and personal training through Apple’s popular One to One program. The Apple Store Boylston Street also introduces Pro Labs to Boston, offering free, in-depth training on Apple’s industry-leading pro applications including Final Cut Pro.

The Apple Store Boylston Street is located at 815 Boylston Street, convenient to the Prudential Center and Copley Square, the Berklee School of Music and Fenway Park. It joins eight existing Apple retail stores in Massachusetts including popular stores in Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, Burlington and Hingham.

Blogger and Flickr contributor Jenny Frazier (“line starting on Boylston and wrapping around the block”) start here.

Frazier also has an article with photos on her blog “AllEyesOnJenny” here.

More photos via Flickr here.


  1. Form One of Jenny’s photos it looks like most of the roof is covered in grass. I know in other reports they had said the roof had grass around the skylight. The angle that Jenny’s photo was taken from makes it look like most of the roof is covered in grass.

    Now theirs a job, mowing the grass on the roof of the Apple Store. Good strategy for helping Global Warming. Cover the roof of your buildings in grass.

  2. It would be even cooler to have one in Calgary. The hottest economy in Canada! We’re driving the strength of the Canadian $ right now. And will probably continue to over the next several years as Oil gets even pricier.

  3. Whey would people line up? It’s Boston! Word got out that they suddenly had the best Apple store in the world and now everyone is a Boylston Apple Store fan. But if the store goes through a dry spell… watch out.

  4. why wait in line? It’s fun. It’s great conversation, everyone is in a good mood. It’s amusing to have people walk past you exclaiming “why would you wait in line to get nothing”. I’ve done it twice and am a bit bummed to miss the Boston store but I couldn’t leave work early.

  5. Heheh. On “iDay”, some mother in the mall looked at the crowd awaiting the doors to open and mouthed to me and shaking her head, “you are so stupid”. I thought it was cool, since I was standing next a producer who does many of those Apple videos and commercials and had a very interesting conversation for the hour.

  6. On the green roof, it actually doesn’t need to be mowed or tended. I heard a radio report on green roofs the other day. It maintains itself and helps keep the building much cooler (passively) than a regular roof. Significantly cuts energy costs. They also typically have sensors to alert you if there’s a leak!

    They’re becoming more popular these days, even on regular homes. Mostly good in climates that tend to get regular rain, of course…

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