QuarkXPress 8 to take dead aim at Adobe’s Creative Suite this August?

“Quark, Inc. is preparing to release a major new version of its flagship QuarkXPress software this fall, aimed at cementing its lead in the market for professional desktop publishing against Adobe’s rival InDesign product,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the release say the new version is slated to take on the publishing features of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash in a revamped, standardized, and polished package that will temporarily be offered as a free upgrade to new buyers of the existing QuarkXPress 7 ahead of the 8.0 release in the August timeframe,” McLean reports.

“According to sources familiar with Quark’s marketing plans, the company will aggressively pitch the version 8 upgrade to users of both QuarkXPress 6 and 7. Offering the future version 8 upgrade for free to new buyers of Quark 7 should also help migrate Quark’s installed user base up to the most recent version now, in an effort to stave off defection to InDesign, which many designers get for free when they buy Adobe’s Creative Suite 3,” McLean reports.

Much more, including screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh. Adobe might have to start thinking about getting off their fat asses and actually doing some work on the Mac for a change. Oh, never mind. It’s just Quark, who long ago blew it on the Mac just like Adobe seems to want to blow it now. Still, for what it’s worth: Xcode, Adobe. Xcode. Hey, does CS3 run on Case-sensitive Mac OS Extended, yet?


  1. Quark has been dead for far too long for anyone working in the current design industry to take notice. I haven’t even heard the word “Quark” for at least 4 years. This will be a very uphill battle for them.

  2. Lots of people still use Quark, obviously. However, I stopped using it back at version 4.1. Since then, I’ve been an InDesign user and – as a prepress and Mac production manager of a magazine publishing house in New York – ALL of our designers/editors/prepress and my vendors use CS2 or CS3.

    I know all of its [Adobe’s] faults and idiosyncrasies like the back of my hand. Adobe are not my favourite software company by any stretch, but Quark dropped the ball for Mac users and their arrogant disregard for their hard-core Mac users in publishing didn’t help.

    No regrets from me or my company

  3. MDN — WTF are you talking about now? How has Adobe blown it with the Mac? You are so dumb. Apple is grateful to have such a great partner such as Adobe. After MS and Adobe, the #3 software maker is a distant 3rd.

    Again, please take your nose out of Apple’s ass and wipe it off.

    You’re just DUMB! You know nothing and show it every time you do your lame MDN take.

  4. Believe me, I still use Quark… 6.52. Our company owns v7 because a few of our customers use that version. I have been using InDesign since it first came out and since Quark 6 was released I have almost exclusively been using it. Trust me, Quark blew it big time.

  5. I have been freelancing in the GTA (Toronto) area for the last 7 years.

    It is actually very rare that Quark skills are required these days. It is almost 100% Indesign in the publishing industry.

    Bye Quark Bye!

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