launches recently launched to offer readers a base from which to efficiently find the latest, up-to-the-minute Apple- and tech-related headlines.

The MacBlogz Team tells us that the concept for MacBlogz arose roughly 3 months ago during a routine workday at Think Brilliant Media Studios. They were tired of opening up 8 or 10 new browser windows at a time to get up to date with the latest news, and no RSS feeders really do their job correctly. So, they decided to develop their own solution. After a few weeks of planning and organization, development began

For the initial launch version, MacBlogz used WordPress as the back-end CMS and blogging platform. Six weeks later, The MacBlogz Team are pleased to unveil to share with the community.

MacBlogz is here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wish all new Apple-related sites: Good luck, MacBlogz Team!


  1. Logo of MacBlogz. A bad mix of iWeb shadows and bitten apple icon. Not so smart. Not so good. Not terrible, but far from excellent… Like the design of the website, though. Visually appealing and colorful. Overall, an OK start.

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