Zune a joke that gets funnier as time goes by (unless you’re Microsoft)

“Microsoft has been keeping awfully quiet about sales figures for its Zune, a product that many Windows Enthusiasts originally predicted would cause considerable grief for Apple’s iPod. However, despite a new model refresh last fall and plenty of advertising, Microsoft has been left to announce that its actual sales are still a joke,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes in the RoughlyDrafted article, “Zune Sales Still In the Toilet.”

“According to an Associated Press article citing Jason Reindorp, Zune’s director of product marketing, the device has sold “just north of two million” between its debut in November 2006 and May 2008. Apple has sold roughly 76 million iPods during that same period, more than doubling the installed base of iPods since the Zune’s debut,” Dilger writes.

Dilger explains that, in total, “152 million iPods [have been] sold (157.4 million if you count the iPhone) of which only 5.7 million were sold before 2005.”

“While Apple is being beaten up by pundits for only selling 52.7 million new iPods in the last year compared to the 48.4 million it sold over the year prior, those figures also exclude Apple’s “best iPod,” the iPhone. Add those in and Apple sold 58.1 million units over the last four quarters, an increase of 20% over its own sales a year ago. That’s ten million new sales over its previous record, or ten times as many new sales as the Zune managed to find this year,” Dilger writes.

More fun, including an excellent opening graphic, in the full article here.


  1. I just love it when Microsoft gives us all this free entertainment…

    I haven’t bought one iota from that business since 2000, and it won’t ever get anything from me in the future…

  2. Zune Tang seems to be laying low on this one…perhaps he is crying seeing the picture of
    the ToiletZune.
    Hey, Maybe Micro$oft can invent a mp3 playing toilet paper roll holder. It could reach every household and bring in billions and reinvent and revolutionize the industry. Oh, Apple already did that…sorry.

  3. Zune is losing money for MS. It costs them more to make it than what they charge retail. With the original $300 (subsequently discounted prior to launch to $250) were unloaded at $80 apiece, can you imagine the losses? Obviously, for MS, that’s not much, since they only “sold” 2 million (which in MSspeak means they pushed that many into the retail channels).

    Pretty much most of MS entertainment hardware is losing money, as it sells for less than cost. X-Box certainly does.

    Why don’t we chip in with predictions when will Zune officially be pulled by MS? My guess is late 2009. PlayForSure lasted about as much; MS will probably again take forever to figure out what’s a loser product.

  4. The poo brown Zune in the toilet always makes me laugh.
    just like the Zune displays in the stores.
    Dust covered cheap looking crap.

    At christmas time I over heard a copy in a store talking about their kid asked for an iPod and they were looking at Zunes and the dad siad, “It’s by Microsoft it should work with our computer better then the iPod”. The Mom’s reply was look a the iPods they look so much better made and their are thousands of accessories and stuff for it. So, I’m sure it will work better on our computer then the Hitlerest looking Zune.” (yes, she did say “Hitlerest”). They purchased and two iPods (the dad bought himself a touch).

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