Apple offers $45 store credit to Canucks who own older iPods

“Following two class-action lawsuits, Apple Canada Inc. is offering $45 credits to Canadian residents who own a new first-, second- or third-generation iPod purchased before June 24, 2004,” Irwin Block reports for The Montreal Gazette.

“The proposed settlement, including payment of legal fees, is the result of two iPod owners suing because rechargeable batteries in the second year of use conked out after just three hours, contrary to the advertised claim of eight hours between recharges,” Block reports.

“The $45 offer is considerably less than the amount sought by the Montreal plaintiff. Lenzi initially asked for $137.77 from Apple for a replacement battery, plus shipping and handling, $50 for inconvenience and $400 in exemplary damages,” Block reports.

“Apple’s compensation offer is actually a credit, usable at Apple’s online store, a notice in several newspapers said yesterday,” Block reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: More info via Apple here.


  1. Apple won this one (and of course the worthless slimy klingon eating scum bottom feeder class action attorneys). I doubt more than 2000 people will claim this credit. Look at the demographics of an iPod user at that time. Think all those young adults are still at their registered address or have proof of purchase?

  2. Wow…with my $79 power adapter rebate and this $45 rebate I’m only $25 short of a new iPod Nano. Anyone know if there are anymore Apple suits coming due next week? I’d like to hold out for an iPod Classic if possible.

  3. I have a 3G iPod (which i really like, btw), but i’ve had to replace the battery 3 times… fortunately, i was able to install it myself.

    I’m still pissed at those bastards at ‘FastMac / TruePower’ though… friggin’ wankers gave me a hell of a time about replacing a battery that was still under warranty; never again will I buy their crap.

    I went with NewerTech this last time; so far, so good.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how it is possible to “…own a new first-, second- or third-generation iPod purchased before June 24, 2004…”

    Seriously, can any product purchased before 2004 be considered “new”?

  5. I just replaced replaced the battery in my 4G monochrome iPod. At the end the battery would only hold a charge for about 3 hours. Thing is, the replacement battery is more powerful than the original and it only cost $20, including the do it yourself replacement too. $45 is more than enough to resolve any battery issue with early iPods.

  6. I have 2 iPods that qualify but am not going to claim. Why? cause no one can show me a product that has a battery capable of maintaining the same charge as when it was brand new. Apple replaced my 1st gen nano with a refurb. while i did not bother for my shuffle. it’d be hypocritical o me to turn around and claim.
    I don’t understand why this fact (batteries not holding their charge over time) was not emphasized more.

  7. did you notice at the end of the article there’s a Montreal law student starting a new class action suit against Apple for giving him only 7.45GB when he bought an “8GB” iPod nano? he’s asking for a 7.5% refund on the purchase price to compensate the “missing” storage space…

    sheesh! don’t they learn anything more useful at law school in Montreal?

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