Hands-on with ‘Mac Cloner’ Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2

“I’m writing this post on Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2,” Tom Krazit reports or CNET.

“The Open Computer arrived Wednesday, and I spent some time this morning setting it up. The plan for now is to use it as my main work system (at least while I’m in the office) for about a week and see how it goes,” Krazit reports.

“For one, the fan is much, much quieter than I had expected based on the early reports,” Krazit reports. “The latest batch of Open Computers were shipping with a new fan. I’ve had the system running on my desk right next to my keyboard all morning, and the noise coming from the fan hasn’t been that bad at all.”

Krazit reports, “The noise from the CD-ROM drive, however, is deafening.”

“Software Update, as we already knew, was disabled by Psystar before the machine left the factory, so I’m stuck on 10.5.2 indefinitely,” Krazit reports. “This isn’t the prettiest machine I’ve ever used, but it works.”

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  1. This has opened the door to other hackentosh sellers. I responded to a Portland Craigslist post selling a “G5 clone,” that actually turned out to be an Intel hackentosh, simply to point out that there was no such thing as a G5 clone. I guess my questioning of what the person was smoking prompted this response:

    You’re such a sad and angry person! There is nothing you can do about anything I’m doing. In fact at this point you have given my friends and I quite a laugh so we look forward to hearing back from you after you read this. What’s really sad is that you’re probably some wimpy, winey, faggot of a nerd that got beat up a lot, who has to pay for sex and feels that the only vent in your life is harassing others while
    hiding behind a computer screen. Sooooooo suck it up! MAN UP! And go get yourself a hooker to release some of that pathetic tension you call a life!

    PS: You most likely bought the pystar thinking it would be nice and are mad you couldn’t figure it out.

    Such lovely people, these hustlers trying to screw the unwary out of their money. But I also suspect that Apple is incorporating a fix in 10.5.3 that will brick the hackentoshes, just as they did with the FairPlay and iPhone hacks. It will be funny as hell when that happens.

    If anybody wants to write this cretin, this is the address:


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