Hands-on with ‘Mac Cloner’ Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2

“I’m writing this post on Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2,” Tom Krazit reports or CNET.

“The Open Computer arrived Wednesday, and I spent some time this morning setting it up. The plan for now is to use it as my main work system (at least while I’m in the office) for about a week and see how it goes,” Krazit reports.

“For one, the fan is much, much quieter than I had expected based on the early reports,” Krazit reports. “The latest batch of Open Computers were shipping with a new fan. I’ve had the system running on my desk right next to my keyboard all morning, and the noise coming from the fan hasn’t been that bad at all.”

Krazit reports, “The noise from the CD-ROM drive, however, is deafening.”

“Software Update, as we already knew, was disabled by Psystar before the machine left the factory, so I’m stuck on 10.5.2 indefinitely,” Krazit reports. “This isn’t the prettiest machine I’ve ever used, but it works.”

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  1. I don’t believe that Apple has to sue. Just let a few more of these gems into the world, let the stories spread about their “value”, then air a new T.V. ad with Mac, PC, and Psystar (played by…??)

    It could be fun, but most people might not get it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Macworld just tested it, and it’s 20% faster than a Mac Mini, but slower than an entry-level iMac. It’s only significant advantage is in gaming where it’s GPU is better. Given the lack of updates or warranty, I’d say, the trouble is NOT worth it, unless you want it as a gaming rig, and in that case, why are you using a Mac anyway?

  3. @Predrag
    “also DigiDesign’s ProTools (LE should be fine). “

    The problem is that PT LE is not yet fully compatible with Leopard. So even if it doesn’t work well it would mean nothing. But trying Logic Studio on it would be interesting.

  4. “Think of it this way…

    What would Microsoft do if this was happening to their company??

    They would SUE SUE SUE.”

    So your question is: What would Microsoft do if companies were building computers and loading legally purchased copies of Microsoft software on them?

    I don’t think the answer is SUE SUE SUE.

    I think that’s actually their OS business model.

  5. Generic PCs running OS X is inevitable. Stop thinking it isn’t.

    It’s likely that Apple will have a difficult time stopping the legal wrangle that keeps PC makers from forcing users to run a specific OS in the long run.

    Serial Numbers, Network Sniffers or likely something new from Apple to control installs, but you have got to know that Apple is already aware of the implications.

    Option 1. Buy a Mac and have full Apple support and the best looking and best running hardware around. (The competition will make Apple hardware better)

    Option 2. Buy a clone and rely on their support (Not Apple’s) when something doesn’t work.

    Some folks will buy the cheap clone box. Some folks will buy Apple’s style. I like Apple.

    Don’t forget. Microsoft has made Billions from selling software.

  6. Just to emphasize what has been said by others:

    The OS on this POS cannot be updated. IN ANY WAY.

    (Well, besides Psystar mailing you a CD with a new version of their hacked-up FrankenOSX. Even then, you might have to wipe the HD.)


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