ooVoo introduces video chat solution for Apple Mac

ooVoo has announced the launch of a Mac version of its video chat solution. According to ooVoo, the Mac release is one of the most advanced and feature rich video communication programs available to Mac users and allows people to connect with both Mac and PC users anywhere in the world for free.

With ooVoo, Mac users will now be able to connect face-to-face with up to six people at once regardless of whether they are Mac or PC users. ooVoo Mac’s features include the ability to send and receive video messages, exchange files and text chat messages as well as import contacts from other programs.

“We have worked hard to ensure the Mac version of ooVoo offers this valuable part of our customer base one of the most dynamic video experiences available today,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo, in the press release. “As the highest quality cross platform Mac and PC video chat solution, we look forward to enabling more conversations between Mac and PC users across the globe, and breaking down the traditional barriers of video communication.”

Unlike instant messaging (IM) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions that have incorporated video as an add-on feature, ooVoo was developed with video at its core delivering a richer communication experience with high quality video and reduced video delay, clear audio and better lip synchronization. ooVoo’s high quality multi-party video chat, with a resolution of 320 x 240 at up to 15 frames per second, can be experienced with a standard broadband internet connection and requires only 128 Kbps (up and down) of throughput, less than half required by competitors for a one to one video chat.

The launch of the ooVoo Mac version is a milestone in the company’s ongoing Mac development program, which will see further announcements in the coming months. Full system requirements for this software version include:

• Power Mac – G5 with 1Ghz or Intel Mac with 256MB of RAM
• 20MB Hard disk space
• Mac compatible Webcam and Headset
• Broadband connection
• Tiger, Leopard (Mac OS X 10.4 and up)

Currently friends, families and co-workers are using ooVoo to communicate face-to-face between more than 200 countries worldwide, with more the 3.5 million ooVoo video chat sessions completed each month on average.

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  1. Yet another product that does not provide feature parity with the Windows version. I informed ooVoo I won’t accept second class citizen status and will not use their software until it has feature parity.

  2. Forget this.

    In my experience it’s iChat using Gmail login as a Jabber account. And Skype for chatting to the dark, very dark, Windows side.

    Isn’t Windows a misnomer? Light what light?

  3. @Predrag

    What?!? I haven’t been able to audio chat using dial-up in years. I’ve tried connecting iChat AV with friends in the same room and get nothing but the “User not responding” message. And, with Leopard’s version of iChat, the program is even more bloated than ever.

    As far as Windows users connecting with iChat users, I’ve heard all sorts of problems with that too. The idea that there are alternative AV IM programs being developed tells me that the existing ones aren’t really all that desirable.

    I welcome the competition, alternatives, and further development for the Macintosh. Anyone who can come up with a better iChat is good in my opinion.

  4. @Predrag,
    You assume you can actually GET connected using iChat. My dad and I have problems CONSTANTLY getting iChat to work. One machine on his network will work, another won’t. Connection errors galore. Same problems at a completely different house with a different computer. We never used to have problems, so it’s something in the last few updates – maybe even Leopard. I’m running 10.5 and he’s not. We’d use Skype, but audio quality SUCKS on the MacBooks, because unlike iChat, it doesn’t mute the speaker that’s right next to the mic and you get feedback, ringing, echos… it’s terrible. We’ve almost quit using. Google “ichat connection error”.

  5. Predrag: ichat is great mac to mac but i have not been able to use it to video chat w/ pc user. tried skype and did get it to work a little. video quality was not good and audio was horrific to nonexistent.

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