The Motley Fool: Will Microsoft be brave enough to bail on Zune?

“Microsoft was bold enough to walk out on Microhoo,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool. “Will it be brave enough to bail on its Zune, as well?”

MacDailyNews Take: Bold or weak?

Munarriz writes, “No, Mr. Softy isn’t ready to throw in the towel on its portable media player just yet. The company has recently started selling television show episodes and broadened the social-sharing functionality of the devices. The problem is that the writing is on the wall, even if Microsoft is pressed up against it too closely to make out the lettering.”

“Market research NPD Group pegs Zune’s market share in this space during the first quarter at a measly 4%. Apple’s iPod is the giant, of course, with 71% of the market. However, all of Microsoft’s might hasn’t even been enough to knock off silver medalist SanDisk and its 11% slice,” Munarriz writes.

“This month’s new initiatives are unlikely to change that… Apple has been serving up video for a couple of years now. Just copying the leader isn’t enough,” Munarriz writes.

Munarriz writes, “Walk away from the Zune, Microsoft.”

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  1. Well, it seems to me that if you decide to buy into a sort of “single-world” system, where all the components from downloading to syncing to accessories are basically taken care of, you’d buy an iPod. Personally that is my choice, but if I wanted a do-it-yourself approach where I’d have to figure out where to get the music, how to manage it, etc I’d probably buy a SanDisk too. There doesn’t seem to be a place for the Zune.

  2. I have lost all respect for The Motley Fool.

    Microsoft will courageously fight on with the magnificent Zune, thank you.

    Wherever pretentious ‘artsy’ I-Pod types with their white earbuds and sissy emo music hang out, Zune enthusiasts will be there in their Members Only jackets rocking Journey, Styx and REO Speedwagon.

    Wherever smug I-Pod losers are listening to PODcasts, Zune lovers will be enjoying the awesome programming only FM radio can provide. Clear Channel makes sure you can find Beyoncé anywhere, anytime.

    Wherever I-Tunes Store dorks are shopping online for crappy content using currency, Zune Marketplace patrons will be using user friendly points to acquire NBC’s wonderful ‘Alf’ episodes—which aren’t available at I-Tunes Store.

    May Zune live and reign forever.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. I love the concluding sentence in the original article:

    “The Zune will never be an iPod killer. Truth be told, it will never even get close enough to be an iPod tickler.”

    BTW, let’s all prey that MS keeps all these money-losing products in play. Nothing like the distraction of a bunch of loser products to drag the MS ship down faster.

  4. MS just can’t match Apple’s Customer service.

    Just got back from the Apple Store. My daughters macbook had been acting up. 7 months old reurb purchased from the Apple store online, 2.0 gh core2duo, 80 gig hd, combo drive. They had tried swapping out the HD twice. Couldn’t get it to stop having kernel panics.

    Today they traded it out for a new macbook, not a refurb, 2,1gh core2duo, 120 gig hd, super drive.

    No hassel, no fuss. Just great customer service.

    Suck on that MS fanbois.

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