Despite U.S. boycott, NBC Universal TV shows now offered in Apple’s UK iTunes Store

Apple’s UK iTunes Store has added TV shows from NBC Universal despite NBC’s absence from Apple’s U.S. iTunes Store, Italian-language website setteB.IT reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Please see related article: Apple pulls NBC TV shows from iTunes Store after NBC demands more than double price increase – August 31, 2007

Shows offered include, Eureka, Heroes, House, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and The Incredible Hulk.

Of note, a limited form of NBC’s beloved variable pricing seems to be in effect, with current shows at the UK store priced at £1.89 per episode, while programs that are no longer in production going for only £1.19. Sadly for NBC, however, there seems to be no higher priced so-called “premium” content and absolutely no sign that Apple is sharing iPod revenue with the also-ran U.S network.

Full article (Italian) here.

Full article (English, via Google translation) here.


  1. Even though the news surfaced today about NBC’s alliance with the Zune Marketplace, it is quite possible that they have (or still are ) negotiating a new deal for the fall season with the US iTunes store and just have not announced it yet..

    NBC/Universal did imply in their most recent earnings conference that they do have a relationship with Apple via their movies and that negotiations were in place..

    I really don’t think they are boycotting iTunes in favor of Zune Marketplace. It’s more likely that the Zune deal was announced because it is sealed and the iTunes deal is still in negotiation..

  2. @Karrde97:

    “House” is produced by NBC Universal. Fox merely distributes it for broadcasting in the US. The worldwide distributing rights remain with NBC Universal. By contrast, for instance, “Bones” is produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television.

    Makes you wonder why NBC Universal does not distribute its own programs with its own failing network, doesn’t it?

  3. Amber, later Wilson, now 13 has iPhones. And since the beginning of the 4th season, they changed all the medical computers to Macs (including monitors) and Wilson has a MacBook and House used another Mac from his home in the “Frozen” chapter.

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