WSJ: Time to bail on MSFT, Microsoft’s corporate strategy no better than their mediocre software

In the wake of Microsoft’s failed attempt to acquire Yahoo, “this is now an excellent opportunity to sell any Microsoft stock you have left,” Brett Arends writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Arends writes, “The bid itself, followed by its swift abandonment, should raise serious questions about Microsoft’s leadership and direction. Does Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer really know what he is trying to do?”

“Ordinary consumers might legitimately ask if Microsoft’s corporate strategy is any better than the company’s mediocre software,” Arends writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Beautiful line! We couldn’t have done much better ourselves. wink (We would’ve gone with “mediocre-at-best,” instead.)

Arends writes, “It was always hard to see why combining Microsoft’s third-rate Internet strategy with Yahoo’s second-rate Internet strategy was ever going to take on Google. It’s like tying two rocks together in the hope they will float,” Arends writes.

Arends writes, “Private investors should ask themselves why they are bothering to own Microsoft stock directly anyway.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make the world a better place. Get a Mac and buy some AAPL!


  1. Microsoft has no direction as a corporation.
    They want to be a Media, Game Console, Game studio, consumer electronics, software, online services and internet advertising aggregator company and everything keeps getting in the way of Baller’s Vision of Microsoft being Google. If Ballmer thought he could get away with it he dump everything else and just chase making Microsoft into a Google type company.

  2. “Tying two rocks together” is hilarious…

    The biggest problem for both these companies is that they BOTH failed to reinvent themselves in “internet time” largely because of entrenched bureaucracies within their corporate structure. It’s still true that Microsoft is a huge, money machine and will be for some time to come but it would make more sense for them to literally become venture capitalists and rather than continue to ‘extend their brand’…build something new… and let others run it. It’s hard to find visionaries but they are out there…and new ideas and ways of making them work show up every day.

  3. “It’s like tying two rocks together in the hope they will float,” Arends writes.

    Great line.

    It’s time to dance, Monkey Boy. Tell the world how powerful and intuitive Windows Seven will be.

  4. hrmm, and didn’t i just read a poll where 45% of XP users planned on using it all the way until windows 7?

    …untill they see how bad 7 is! lmao!

    good luck monkey boy! remember, the captain is supposed to go down with the ship!

  5. When you bail on M$…what do you have left to embrace?…I’ll tell you what…the best hardware/software combination and best consumer product line on the planet…soon to be the best corporate solution in existence.

  6. We’ll never know now, but I think Microsoft is fortunate to have not taken over Yahoo. I think it would have been a disaster.

    Of course, Microsoft can hardly be praised since their lucky bread was that their own takeover strategy failed…

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