Apple includes Chinese handwriting recognition in iPhone 2.0 Beta

“Apple has quietly included handwriting recognition for Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) into the latest iPhone Firmware 2.0 beta. When you select Chinese input, you are given the option to use handwriting recognition allowing you to draw characters on the screen with your finger. As you write the character, four possibilities appear on the right side of the screen,” Arnold Kim reports for Mac Rumors.

“There is no support for English at this time,” Kim reports.

Full article, with screenshots and link to more, here.


  1. That’s pretty cool. Changes and upgrades to the iPhone will open up many possibilities for language translators. I’ll bet Rosetta Stone Ltd. is working on a few with the SDK.

  2. Cool, I almost jailbreaked my iPhone, just to add this capability. All of the unlocked and jailbroken iPhones in China have chinese handwriting recognition, already.

  3. I cant wait to see what comes out from the developers this june… this should flip the industry upside down (again) and prove the point that a nokia music store or a blackberry flip phone cant hold a candle to the iPhone… the only competition that can be justified for the iphone is a company with a mature platform.. and winblows mobile just aint cutting it.

  4. Finally, a true use for Inkwell. I promise you, if this works with Chinese symbols, then it will work for English. This would be a great alternative to using the keyboard for quick text things. China and Japan will love it because of symbols that represent words. Finger stylus for text messaging, anyone. Blackberry, read and weep.
    Hey, something from the Newton made it into the iPhone. yah!

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