Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch soon to have a whole lotta shakin’ goin on

“SiiTE Interactive, a New York-based creative marketing agency, said it’s developing a range of iPhone [and iPod touch] applications for clients and just for experimentation. One is for a yogurt chain interested in SiiTE’s idea for mobile coupons,” David Needle reports for

“The concept is that iPhone user will be able to mix a virtual smoothie, picking, say vanilla yogurt, strawberries and other ingredients on the screen. Once the ingredients are selected, the consumer can literally shake the iPhone to ‘blend’ up the drink they want (software written for the iPhone’s accelerometer lets the device respond appropriately to the shaking),” Needle reports. “Then the consumer can go to the yogurt shop any time with their iPhone and have an on-screen bar code scanned to receive the discount.”

“‘It can be a channel to keep you connected to the company,’ Alan Ruthazer, CEO of SiiTE Interactive, told,” Needle reports. “‘It’s a fun thing to show off to your friends and we think it can be an effective form of viral marketing.'”

A few other ideas being cooked up by SiiTE for the iPhone include an ‘Origami-gram,’ an illuminator for rock concerts and a virtual juice squeezer.Full article here.


  1. First up is an app to control Apple TV! I’ve already posted this like 20 times, but just think about how amazing searching will be when you can use the iPhone keyboard with your Apple TV. There is no way Apple intended for people to search with the Apple remote forever.

    And the other things they will be able to do, like chapter selections, cover art, etc., will be amazing.

  2. My internet porn staff has devised a neck frame to hold the iPod Touch the right viewing distance but sensitive to the accelerometer so users can have their hands free for other purposes. Inventions are a thrill.

  3. Hate to be in the minority, hate to be a wet blanket and hate like hell to be seen to criticise something Apple but…I think this is just as whole lot of shit. All I want is a phone that works and which lets me take it to other countries and swap my SIM cards.

    Still, I suppose I’m happy for the people who want to shake the hell out of their phone before they walk into a shop. Maybe it’ll start a new dance craze.

  4. @ron:

    California does not seriously enforce speed limits. California does not seriously enforce drunk driving laws. California does not seriously enforce any law that has to do with traffic safety. But California does seriously enforce parking rules.

    Don’t worry about fines. Worry about drivers preoccupied with their cell phones.

  5. If I stumbled onto a M$ big ass table and farted on it, would it:-
    A) recognise my arse and display CMD’s arse?
    B) would it sense that I have farted?
    C) would it ask the bar maid/man to show me where the Jon is?

    Now that is what I would call interactive! Ha! ha! Haaa!!

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