Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch soon to have a whole lotta shakin’ goin on

“SiiTE Interactive, a New York-based creative marketing agency, said it’s developing a range of iPhone [and iPod touch] applications for clients and just for experimentation. One is for a yogurt chain interested in SiiTE’s idea for mobile coupons,” David Needle reports for

“The concept is that iPhone user will be able to mix a virtual smoothie, picking, say vanilla yogurt, strawberries and other ingredients on the screen. Once the ingredients are selected, the consumer can literally shake the iPhone to ‘blend’ up the drink they want (software written for the iPhone’s accelerometer lets the device respond appropriately to the shaking),” Needle reports. “Then the consumer can go to the yogurt shop any time with their iPhone and have an on-screen bar code scanned to receive the discount.”

“‘It can be a channel to keep you connected to the company,’ Alan Ruthazer, CEO of SiiTE Interactive, told,” Needle reports. “‘It’s a fun thing to show off to your friends and we think it can be an effective form of viral marketing.'”

A few other ideas being cooked up by SiiTE for the iPhone include an ‘Origami-gram,’ an illuminator for rock concerts and a virtual juice squeezer.Full article here.


  1. Microsoft Surface used to be my big dream. But it’s not portable, so it’s way out of situation here. Whilst it can interact, that’s limited, and it doesn’t have lovely Mac aesthetics. So I’m thinking that the iPhone 2.0 will eliminate the elaborated desk that surface is.

  2. iPhone GPS apps I want:

    • A ‘Maurader’s Map’ where known friends (given permission) appear on Google Maps so you can meet up with whomever is nearby.

    • A ‘to do’ list of addresses where the the iPhone works out the fastest order to visit all the addresses, but where I can override items to come in another order if needed.

  3. Woody, the keep point to that line was where I wrote “with a minimum of effort”. I was not even attempting to suggest there was anything wrong with the early adopters, only that Apple was sliding the product out the door without all its parts – because you wouldn’t require them. Those sales made, and those customers made happy, they had time to finish up the SDK and didn’t have to rush it out the door to be beta tested by the users.
    There are now enough iPhones out there to prove the market. A developer need not worry about how many possible sales are out there. Also, the ramp-up speed was kept “manageable” so the stores weren’t always empty or the manufacturing error rate too high.

  4. Zune Tang,

    As usual, nice use of “I-phone”, but you left out the allcaps “MAC” and the term “lemmings”. Alos, your satire is starting to look tired. If you just parrot MS press-releases, the humor factor will be back to the level we all hoope and pray for from Zune-Tang, our own MDN monkey boy.

  5. For you wannabe “tree-huggers” out there. There’s no such thing as “saving a tree” by using a digital coupon.

    In case you didn’t know it, trees are grown (duh). Every day, every year. They are the epitome of “renewable”. Paper companies grow bazillions of trees to replace that which is cut for paper on *tree farms* mostly (so do lumber companies for that matter these days). In fact, I think there’s only one paper mill in California, and they sure don’t use redwood for paper making. Most mills are in Canada, Russia (Siberia – International Paper has new investments there), or in northern Europe.

    Paper mills are always located near a large water source since the production process uses tons of water. And the trees are transported on the water to the mill. Trees used for paper can be less mature trees not appropriate for lumber. Perfect for re-growing your raw material, consuming CO2, and producing oxygen in the process. Yes?

    If you have any concern about the paper industry, it should be about responsible management of the chemicals used in the process. Before about 30 years ago, this was the ugly part of paper-making (bleaching the pulp, etc), but it’s managed much better today. If anything, watch Russia for how well IntlPaper cleans up and modernizes their paper mills (and builds new ones). The Russians were probably leaching chemicals into the water from their old inefficient mills. China-India is the market for most of this new paper.

    Don’t worry about the fact they use trees.

  6. Good question, alansky.

    Who needs any of this crap? MAC lemmings who like to play with toy computers all day, that’s who. People who use mobile phones and computers in the REAL WORLD use Microsoft Windows based solutions.

    If you want to write a memo which asks your coworkers not to use the microwave in the 2nd floor break room for foods which create unpleasant odors you use Microsoft Word in Windows. If you want to save 25¢ on your next smoothie, use your namby pamby MACs and I-phones. Dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  7. iPhone as a game controller… drive your beemer from the back seat.

    Virtual baseball: throw your iPhone against the wall for a pitch, swing for a bat….

    Virtual diving…? How about the iPhone sub? Toss it into your toilet and it’ll dive, swim around and take a snapshot of any blockages downstream (you should be so lucky) and resurface with the data.

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