Report: Foxconn to ship 3 million 3G Apple iPhones in June

“Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has reportedly landed orders for the assembly of second-generation iPhones from Apple supporting 3G, with shipments to begin in June this year, the Chinese-language Commercial Times has quoted sources at foreign institutional investors in Taipei as indicating,” Steve Shen reports for DigiTimes.

“The Commercial Times also cited sources at component suppliers as saying they have been instructed by Apple to begin preparing material supplies by the end of May,” Shen reports.

“Shipments of the 3G iPhone are expected to top three million units in June with the model likely to ship a total of 24-25 million units throughout its life-cycle, the paper added,” Shen reports.

Full article here.


  1. Hope so, but as of now, unless you live in the heart of major cities, or outside the U.S. you won’t benefit from 3G. I hope Steve has the ATT chairman on again to update iPhone users on the state of these updates, otherwise the new phone will be of interest primarily to Europeans and Asians where 3G is saturated.

  2. Spotty is an understatement. For that reason alone I am still hoping that the 3G iphone will be carrier independent. I hate sprint, but at least I can get my “mobile broadband” in and around most cities I travel to. It would be nice to just have to carry my iphone, rather than lug around my MBP to access the internet and answr my email.

  3. AT&T;has a bad habit of failing to update their 3G map. I didn’t think I had good coverage in the suburban region of my city but after going on (a mobile phone website), I found 3G customers in the area who now get pretty strong and consistent signal strength.

    Remember AT&T;stepped up their 3G buildout earlier this year and that helped spur the iPhone rumors, so don’t be surprised if you end up with coverage that doesn’t reflect in the map.

  4. Looking forward to iP 2.0 but doubt if O2 will have expanded their 3G much at launch.

    3G’s generally very spotty in the UK and likely to remain so I’d guess.

    So far, it seems to be limited mostly to metro areas and motorway cafes.

  5. @bjh
    Yeah, but the 2.0 software is supposed to run on existing iPhones. Current owners won’t find a compelling need to upgrade their phones to get all that sweet 2.0 goodness.

  6. I’ll finally jump for the iPhone when 3G arrives in June.

    The more Gigs of Ram, the better.

    I would love 64gigs!!! I’ll buy if there’s 32gigs available.

    Goodbye late technology adopter Verizon. Hello, AT&T;!

  7. ATT has no 3G coverage in Omaha NE. We have almost 1 million people in the metro area (within 40 miles), and are in the top 50 largest markets (41). I want an 3g iphone, but wonder if I should even bother if it will be no better than the current model for me. I hope there is more to the new iphone than “just” being 3g.

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