Sun continues working on Java for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

“Sun continues to pursue talks with Apple Computer to have Java applications run on Apple’s iPhone while acknowledging a third party’s efforts toward the same goal,” Paul Krill reports for Digital Arts,” Krill reports.

“‘We’ve expressed our intent to do this and our desire, really, to work with Apple to build a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for the iPhone and we’re sort of moving forward with that,’ said Eric Klein, Sun vice president of Java marketing, this week. The JVM could run Java applications,” Krill reports.

“Apple has not been publicly receptive to having Java on its popular new device. There have been questions about whether Apple’s iPhone SDK agreement would permit this. The JVM potentially could sidestep Apple’s App Store program for dispensing iPhone applications,” Krill reports. “Meanwhile, Sun also is working with Innaworks to bring Java applications to the iPhone.”

Krill reports, “Apple declined to provide a spokesperson to comment on the issue.”

More in the full article here.


  1. No fsking Java please. Time to break this in half forever over Apple’s knee.

    Java and Flash are the bane of the world. They ensure the worst possible experience on a mobile device. Knife the baby N-O-W.

    Steve, thank you for protecting our user experience!

  2. I bet the conversation went a bit like this–
    Sun: PLEEEASE, oh god, I’m down on my knees… <grovel, grovel>
    Apple: <nothing>

    Didn’t Sun go public that Apple’s next version of OS X would have some kind of HD or filesystem format, and when Apple released it, it didn’t, leaving Sun looking kind of stupid…?

    You’d think they’d learn not to go public until Apple goes public… Apple doesn’t work with companies who can’t have private talks and keep them that way…

  3. “To work with Apple to build a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for the iPhone and we’re sort of moving forward with that.”

    Just ‘sort of’.

    That’s a really positive ‘maybe’.

  4. Good news guys. The Java installation will be OPTIONAL. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean you have to have it. (Unlike Pokemon.) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Sun is so far behind in their development of an up-to-date JVM for the Mac OS X. Maybe if they were better with that, I could believe them when they’re talking about a JVM for the iPhone.

    In the meantime, ho hum, maybe they should concentrate their efforts on that Gphone that they’re helping with. How’s that working for you, Sun? I’m not holding my breath on that either.

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