RUMOR: dumping Windows PCs, moving all 4000+ employees to Apple Macs

“Apple’s about to have a new big enterprise shop to add to its evangelism of the value of switching from Windows — no less than the 4000-odd employees of,” Alex Curylo, iPhone Programmer, reports on his blog, “Under The Bridge.”

Curylo’s “proverbial Impeccable Source™” tells him: is giving Macs to all employees. Yup, all 4000 of us; we are going to be one of the largest enterprise software Mac shops around. As the leases come up for the Dells, IT is replacing with Macs.

And why, you ask, Security! The resources it takes to defend against all the stuff the baddies throw at a PC, it’s just cheaper/easier to pay a few bucks more for a Mac and not have any of those issues.

With the Google Apps integration, and moving to the Mac, we will be free of the clutches of the Redmond Beast!

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rene_LA” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: If true, there’s another “Boom!”


  1. I wonder if the iPhone had anything to do with their rumored migration? I bet that during testing of their iPhone apps they wondered if the Mac was this easy. They bought a few for the coders and engineers and voila, they were like, “We gotta get Macs!”

  2. It’s the OS security + the iPhone SDK.

    What does a “salesforce” want? A cool and very powerful mobile sales tool.

    Not only are they going to switch, but as they start cranking out great iPhone sales tools and applications, they will drag LOTS of customers along with them: “Want to use our best services? Get a MB Air and an iPhone! They will pay for themselves in about a week…”

    Meow! scratch…scratch…

  3. Tipping point? More like tripping point. will be tripping, falling, scraping their knee leading to an infected cut from which they will never recover. So this is the tripping point for Dorks.

    Why do some morons think they can do business without magnificent Microsoft products, and worse, why do they think they can get things done on a MAC? The business world has no place for pretty little toy computers that mainly play music and don’t support ActiveX controls. How will they write e-mail & memos? Where will the Powerpoint presentations come from? will be in a world of hurt.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. Whether it’s true or not, it says alot about the state of the mac AND mainly about the state of MS and Windows.

    All these organizations and people who stuck with Windows are now stuck with it. Literally.

    What do they do, stick with XP a 7 year old OS?
    Or replace all their equipment and move to the buggy, bloated and unstable Vista? At this point, looking seriously at the Mac platform makes sense on many levels.

    Vista and Ballmer. Buggy. Bloated. Unstable. Mirror images.

  5. I love the comments boards when PC dorks write “I have been using Vista for x months now and it is perfect… …blue screened on me the other day… …but Windows 7 will fix all these issues…”

    Yeh yeh yeh, heard it all before, and it’s all BOLLOX!

  6. “ will be tripping, falling, scraping their knee leading to an infected cut from which they will never recover.”

    Not if you kiss it and make it better, sweetie. Hey, watch the tongue, mister.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Has anybody here used before? It’s really cool product. I’ve been using it in my Mac for years, and I remember during a training session, one of the guys went there with his PowerBook, and had no problem.

    Even today, I do my presentations of on my MacBook Pro (and Keynote, hehe!!) is a perfect match to work with Apple.

    Makes me happy, hehehe!!!

  8. Love the add to the side, the guy from “Dirty jobs” promoting a laptop from HP… seems to fit nicely.

    Hey, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got tot do it. Kind of like cleaning sewers, etc.

    (spoken by someone who once had a job shoveling manure.)

  9. I hope this is true, because MS is gunning for market. MS is undercutting the price of their product from what I’ve read. MS can afford it and you know why. Just like they can keep selling Zunes while losing money.

    By the way TROLLS, how many Zune were sold the quarter. Post the numbers and back it up with a link.

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