Report: Next-gen Apple iPhone coming to Italy without carrier exclusivity

“One of Italy’s most respected newspapers, La Repubblica (like the WSJ with red sauce), is claiming in no uncertain terms that the 3G iPhone is coming shortly to Telecom Italia without a revenue sharing deal and without long-term exclusivity,” Thomas Ricker reports for Engadget.

“If true, this change in strategy opens the doors for a true, global, 3G iPhone launch on UMTS networks around the world come summer time,” Ricker reports.

“We contacted Telecom Italia who refuse to comment on the matter,” Ricker reports.

Full article, with link to Italin to English translation of the La Repubblica article, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MIke in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. Apparently the price will be higher compared to elsewhere in Europe (to compensate for the non-exclusivity) and that TIM will be the sole iPhone source for at least a few months before the floodgates open.

    I really hope Steve releases the iPhone in SE Asia (Singapore/Malaysia/etc) soon. I’m putting aside about US$600 for my “iPhone day”! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. MacSheikh:

    Are you nutz? (Rhetorical question.)

    “Apparently the price will be higher compared to elsewhere in Europe (to compensate for the non-exclusivity…”

    How would increased competition increase price? Where ever I have been and competition was limited, the consumer was forced to pay what ever the monopoly demanded. Where ever competition was encouraged prices were kept as low as possible to ensure patronage.

  3. I hate to throw cold water on the flamefest guys, but in my experience, the AT&T;service works really well. I travel quite a bit, and it works almost everywhere. No, Edge is not as fast my T-1 back at the office, but it’s not that big of a deal…

    I’m all for progress, but for now, it’s hard not to smile every time I use my iPhone.

  4. I think that poor iPhone sales in Europe is the reason for non-exclusive deals, bad sales has put carriers in a stronger position against Apple.

    There is no demanding reason for carriers to get iPhone exclusivity if they can only attract a few users from other carriers.

  5. Rene_LA wrote, “It’s such a shame that Steve Jobs couldn’t be more like The Woz …”

    … and that, mon ami, is a very significant reason why Steve Jobs is leading Apple, Inc. and Woz plays Segway polo with the rest of the idle rich.

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