Yet another high level Microsoft Windows exec flees ship

“Think Microsoft is happy with Vista? Think again. Numerous top execs involved in its development and launch are no longer at the company, at least in one instance because an exec was put in a position that was certainly a demotion,” Preston Gralla blogs for Computerworld.

“The latest casualty is Will Poole, who until the middle of 2007 was responsible for client versions of Windows, Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer’s reports. Poole is a 12-year veteran of the company,” Gralla reports.

“Keizer quotes analyst Rob Helm of Directions on Microsoft as saying that ‘With the launch of Vista, there was a new broom. There were a number of people who moved out, or were moved out, of [the] Windows [group] in the wake of Vista. Some of them have decided to move on out of the company,'” Gralla reports.

Gralla reports, “Poole was clearly given a demotion of sorts after his work on Vista. Analysts note that after Vista, Poole was made head of the the Unlimited Potential group. Never heard of it? No one else has either.”

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Like rats from a sinking ship.


  1. Wrong take, MDN. We want these people to STAY and make the upcoming Windows 7 WOW experience everything Vista brought. Every Mac user should get on their knees each night and pray for Ballmer to continue as CEO. Each time a Windows executive responsible for Vista leaves it is time to wear the black armband. Vista is one of the big reasons the OS X is booming…

  2. Ten times the money…ten times the number of employees…and the result is ten year behind Vista.
    It should be ten lashes on Ballmer’s back.
    Ultimately, HE is responsible.
    Funny, M$ customers and M$ employes don’t want his head on a platter…just shows their mentality, reasoning, and low tolerant standards.
    The fall of the giant will be in history books.

  3. Will Poole …. the name was familiar. I remembered where from.

    His were some of the emails that were exhibits in one of Microsoft’s many court appearances — the Vista Capable suit in this case.

    This was the guy who reneged on the deal MS made with HP in order to please Intel. It’s thanks to him Mr & Mrs Joe Public were buying machines that had stickers that said “Vista Capable” on them when they weren’t.

    An amusing summary by a Slashdotter, who — correctly one feels — refers to Will Poole as a “weasel”:

    Here is a summary for those that don’t want to read the PDF:

    Early 2006: Microsoft got cozy with HP to make sure that HP invested in a better graphical experience for Vista. Intel had to make its quarterly earnings and convinced Microsoft to call their chipset “capable” even though it couldn’t meat the graphic standards. Microsoft had explicitly told HP that they wouldn’t do this, but they, led by some dude named Will Poole, decided to bone HP to make Intel (specifically some SVP chick named Renee-most likely Renee James) happy. Then MS discussed how they are going to try to play it off to intel with some fancy obfuscating letter. They got this guy at MS named Jim Allchin to sign off on it, which he reluctantly did, but chastised them for pulling this crap. Some dude named Mike Ybarra pointed out to Jim that they are boning HP and their customers just to get cuddly wuddly with Intel and Jim seemed to agree, but figured the wheels were in motion and could not be stopped. Mike specifically said, “We are caving to Intel… We are really burning HP… We are allowing Intel to drive our consumer experience…”

    Fast forward a year later and some board member John Shirley sends some borderline literate guy named Steve Balmer an email about how his shit won’t work with Vista and that some of the stuff may never get Vista drivers. They surmise that vendors didn’t trust them to deliver Vista (gee, wonder why) so they didn’t make drivers. Balmer sends an email to some guy named Steven Sinofsky asking about the driver situation. Sinofsky agrees that vendors didn’t expect them to ship and also says that changes to Vista made it so XP drivers wouldn’t work, he questions how smart it was to call the Intel chipset “capable” when it wasn’t, and says that they need to be clearer with the industry. Then some exec named Mike Nash points out how his company boned him because he bought a $2100 “Vista capable” laptop that is only good as an email machine.

    In the end, some exec John Kalman says that lowering their standard for Intel screwed them and they won’t make such a stupid mistake with Windows 7.

    In short, Will Poole is a weasel who is just trying to make some Intel chick happy. Mike Ybarra is too thoughtful and has too much foresight to work at MS. Jim Allchin needs to go with his gut and remind Will Poole which side of the desk he sits on. Steve Ballmer is missing some keys on his keyboard. Steven Sinofsky and Kohn Kalman have 20/20 hindsight. HP deserves to kick somebody’s ass at MS. They should probably kick Intel’s ass too, but MS is too busy licking it.

    Makes you glad to be a Mac user.

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