So exactly who or what is would-be Mac-cloner Psystar?

Charles Arthur, reporting for Guardian Unlimited, has dug around for info regarding Psystar, the company that claims it’ll sell non-Apple PCs loaded with Mac OS X Leopard.

“The Psystar site talks a lot. OK. The site was registered in 2000, according to whois, but what’s odd is that searches on Google and on don’t turn up anything about the company before this week. Zip. Zero. Nada,” Arthur reports. “I called the Miami Chamber of Commerces and its Better Business Bureau. They’ve never heard of it.”

“We thought we’d look closer at the location they’re in. And that’s where things got really strange,” Arthur reports. “The address had changed completely.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Predrag” for the heads up.]

This whole Psystar thing is just a big fat load of hork.


  1. You know, this company could just be a scam.

    They put these up for sale, draws attention to there other products, they make some money and bail out, leaving most people without products. In turn they get a bunch of CC numbers that they can then use to charge up other things with.

  2. The best of the comments on the article:

    Curiously, when Woz and Jobs built the Apple I, they also sold it out of a garage. Their phone number, like Psystar, also ended in 66666 (the unit also sold for $666.66!).
    My theory: Psystar is actually Wozniak having a laugh!

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