Apple shares rise over 3% after overseas iPhone price cuts spur next-gen iPhone speculation

“Apple Inc. shares rose Wednesday as a Piper Jaffray analyst predicted promotional iPhone price cuts in the United Kingdom and Germany will pave the way for the release of a new iPhone model with 3G technology in June,” The Associated Press reports.

“Apple shares rose $4.69, or 3.2 percent, to $153.07. In the past year, the stock has traded between $89.60 and $202.96,” AP reports.

“Piper analyst Gene Munster said in a client note that starting Wednesday, Carphone Warehouse and wireless carrier O2, which sell the iPhone in the U.K., cut prices on the 8-gigabyte iPhone to 169 pounds ($333) from 269 pounds ($530). Munster also noted that near the start of the month T-Mobile cut the price it charges in Germany for the same model to 99 euros ($157) from 399 euros ($631), with qualifying cell phone plans,” AP reports.

“Both promotions will stop at the end of June, the analyst said, and he thinks they mean demand for the product is light in Europe and that carriers are ‘draining the channel’ in advance of a new iPhone model that includes 3G, or third-generation technology,” AP reports.

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  1. C1,
    You’re back at Adobe? I never knew you left.

    You gotta keep us up on these things! I’ll let the MDN crowd know when I get my next job and my severance package runs out. Because, I know everyone here cares! (sniff sniff)

    And, I’ll let you know when I star in my next porn flick. I’m making sure it’s part of my new contract.

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  2. Good Cubert don’t get one. Better yet close your eye’s tight, fold your arms and hold your breath until you turn blue (or better yet die).

    I’m sure that worked for you when you were four.

  3. iGads,
    Who pissed in your freakin’ Wheaties today? You can’t tell my comment was a joke? I guess you have never seen “SpaceBalls” or you have Aspergers and don’t understand humor. Either way, there is something to be said about karma and attitude in life.

    Try Jack Daniels next time – it goes well on Wheaties and will make you a nicer person.

  4. notice when something negative about apple is mentioned for example, the poor sales of the iphone version 1 in europe commented upon in this article, we dont get a MDN take

    steve jack why isnt the iphone selling well in europe, enlighten me oh please enlightened one

    you arent the leader of that incest cult are you steve? shame on you

  5. Cubert,

    Sorry if I offended. I had a visual in my head and I didn’t catch your hint. I guess I’m a tired of all the IU’s coming to me with G3 comments lately.

    Though I do see a comic strip in my head still. Maybe someone should start a comic strip page for daily news about Mac’s and PC’s. It could be entertaining and I know I would tune in daily.

  6. @ Cubert

    > or you have Aspergers and don’t understand humor <

    i happen to be a danish aspie… and i actually do understand humor… especially humor that craves an IQ > 140… which means that if somebody is capable of that kind of humor, there will be a good chance that this person has aspergers syndrome – since 75% of all neurotypicals have an average IQ < 115

    now, that’s funny.

  7. @Slartibartfast,
    Nice to see your post. I specialize in taking care of mental retarded adults and children, including syndromes such as Aspergers (although I know of the stats you site (even with the reversed greater than sign)) so I certainly meant no offense.

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