Vote online for 2008 TIME 100 Finalists, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs (currently in last place)

In last place at #207, with a dismal average rating of 17 out of 100, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has amassed a significant number of votes (40,214 to be exact) as of this writing.

Most others placed so low can barely muster 5,000 votes. Even Eliot Spitzer currently ranks higher than Jobs (#202, 22 rating on 5,136 votes).

Bill Gates, in contrast, is currently in 4th place, with an average rating of 62 on 11,066 votes. In an even worse example of ballot-stuffing, and just like last year, Korean pop star “RAIN” is in first place with a 67 rating on over 750,000 votes!

What this all says to us is that Jobs is currently being voted down, Gates being voted up via campaigns by some Anti-Apple, Pro-Microsoft website(s), and RAIN fans make Apple fans look apathetic (which isn’t easy).

Well, turnabout is FairPlay™. wink

We can vote, too! Just slide the slider to the appropriate rating, 1 for least influential, 100 for most influential, and click the “submit” button.

We’ve assembled these handy direct links to the voting pages for the following nominees:
• Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Steve Ballmer (Rank: 83, Avg. Rating 42, Votes: 7,411)
Mikey Dell (Rank: 122, Avg. Rating 38, Votes: 4,180)

The full list of nominees is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Leveldown” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Juvenile? Maybe. Beaucoup hits for TIME? Sure. Necessary? Most definitely! You know what to do.

[UPDATE: 3:53pm EDT: Added Monkey Boy to links list. Thanks, Derek.]
[UPDATE: 4:32pm EDT: Added Mikey Dell to links list. Thanks, Derek.]


  1. Steve Jobs is now at 21. The good news is that it looks like that everyone in Redmond has already voted him down and gates, up, so as the votes equal out, we’ll see who lands where.

    I also think that Time’s Pro’s and Con’s are kind of misleading. They have half a sentence in Pro’s then a paragraph under the Con’s.

  2. Pure subjective hogwash.

    People seem to be confusing Influential with Popular or visible in the media.

    Dell and Gates above Jobs???

    How else do we explain the high rankings of our ever annoying socialists like Chaves, Castro, and (hairy) Pelosi?


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