O2 and Carphone cut Apple 8GB iPhone UK price by £100, offer runs through June 1

“The iPhone is set to be cut to £169 as part of a limited offer, O2 confirmed today,” Mobile Today reports.

“The £100 reduction, which will apply to the 8GB device on all O2 iPhone tariffs [the 16GB iPhone stays at £329], will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) and will run until 1 June,” MT reports.

“With price cuts and iPhone stock reportedly running low and not being replenished in the US, France and UK, speculation is mounting about the release date of the 3G version of the device,” MT reports.

Full article here.

“And don’t fret if you just bought one – the good folk at Carphone Warehouse will give a £100 voucher to those who bought an 8GB one in the last 30 days,” T3 reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. this is still not a good deal, most contract phones in the uk are free initially as they are subsidised by the network operator, seems odd that they havent reduced the price of the 16gb model, make of that what you will

  2. its true to say that the hype regarding the iphone has increased visitors to the 02 website, stores and carphone warehouse stores in the uk but i know no one that owns an iphone and im in my mid twenties, everyone is put off by the poor value for money on the special iphone contracts, the length of the contract (most people change phones here every 12 months) the fact you have to pay for an iphone when most phones are free and the lack of 3g

    the apple business model is suited to the US but definitely not here

  3. @cubert

    thanks, i had already gathered that but it would appear that 16gb iphone version 1, either is already low in inventory here or is planned to be kept when version 2 arrives

    well thats my thinking but id welcome any other suggestions

  4. @uk guy,
    Ahhhh. I see what you are saying. Maybe this means a bump to 16GB and 32GB models without new features? That would fit their pattern. Maybe the low inventories for the 16GB model is temporary.

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