Report: Apple iTunes Store coming to Russia next week

Apple “intends to expand its presence in Russia in the near future. CNews found out the online shop iTunes Store would be available to Russian users April 21st, 2008. Evgeny Chichvarkin, Euroset’s owner, believes ‘the given step proves Apple’s interest in legal iPhone sales in Russia,'” CNews reports.

“The billboard[s], made in the iPhone style, appeared in Moscow on Friday, April 4th. The CNews’ correspondents saw such billboards in Arbat and Barklay st. According to sources, the teasers were noticed in at least three other places in Moscow,” CNews reports.

CNews reports, “There is an inscription ‘iSkoro 21.04.2008’ (iSoon 21.04.2008) similar to the one used on the iPhone package against the black background of the billboards.”

Full article, featuring a rough-in-places English translation, here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Russian Federation is already #7 world’s biggest economy (will move to #5 in few of years, surpassing the likes of UK and Germany) and #3 in volume of international reserves (now about $700 billion combined with stabilization fund).

    Moscow is #1 in quantity of billionaires and expected to top New York in volume of budget in few years.

    However, legal music sales market is still mostly absent here and its success more depends on cultural aspects rather than increasing wealth of people. iPhone platform can make it easy to buy music legally so generally never stingy Russians will probably actually start buying legal music.

  2. @ KenC:
    Right. Russia is way ahead of China in terms of real economic value, real growth, and approachable target market.

    Yes, we got a great western city like Shanghai in China. But, once you look a few miles inland where most of the people are currently located, you see the real economy. Still ages behind the west, the farmers are not likely to get an iPod OR to download anything legally from iTunes in the next decade.

  3. as of march 2008, according to the newest data reported through Bloomberg, russia is the 11th biggest economy. new president Medwedew recently stated that russia wants to be among the top ten within the next 5 years. (so only one place to go, the man seems to keep it real)

  4. Bloomberg is no authority; gross domestic product in PPP (parity of purchase power) is; Russia is #7. Also, Medvedev never talked about Russia being in top 10 in the future since it is in top ten for few years now.

    Only UK, and Germany are left to surpass in Europe. Of course, USA, China, Japan, and India will be first five spots. Germany is expected to be surpassed by Russia within five years.

    However, actual economics conditions will show if those predictions will be true eventually. But now Russia is #7 with bigger economy that every France, Italy and Brasil, which are #8, #9 and #10

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