Apple, other tech firm employees’ contributions favor Democrats over Republicans, Obama over Clinton

“Employees at two of the technology industry’s younger giants, Google and Yahoo, overwhelmingly support a presidential candidate who has positioned himself as the leader of a new political wave,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Elder statesmen Apple and Microsoft? Not as much.”

“Employees of all four companies have contributed more to Sen. Barack Obama than to any other candidate,” Bishop reports.

“That’s one pattern evident in a Seattle Post-Intelligencer analysis of Federal Elections Commission data. The analysis looked at personal contributions by workers and executives at 15 major technology companies,” Bishop reports.

“Among other things, the numbers indicate strong Democratic leanings among technology workers. More than 73 percent of the money contributed by workers at the 15 companies has gone to Democratic candidates. That’s well above the roughly 60 percent going to Democrats from the general population,” Bishop reports.

“One anomaly is the tech industry’s support for Republican Ron Paul. Among employees of the 15 companies in the sample, he ranked third in donations, ahead of Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee,” Bishop reports.

“A potential clash of corporate cultures is a major question in Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid to acquire Sunnyvale’s Yahoo. And based on the election data, at least, there’s a notable difference between employees at the two companies,” Bishop reports. “Yahoo employees made personal contributions to Obama totaling more than $66,500 through Feb. 29 – three times as much as they gave to the Clinton campaign… Microsoft employees have given about $193,000 to Obama’s campaign, and about $178,000 to Clinton’s campaign.”

Bishop reports, “Apple is sort of in the middle. The Cupertino company’s employees have given $40,700 to Obama and $28,700 to Clinton.”

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  1. Part of me hopes you do get Barrack Hussein Obama for president. That part hopes for this because he is guaranteed to destroy your country – culturally, socially, economically, politically and materially.

    But part of me hopes this doesn’t happen, because you Americans have already suffered so much cultural rot for the last 80 years. Message from the rest of the world – you need to get back to the principles that made us respect you, and that just about excludes everything your current Democratic candidates stand for (not the same as all Democrats, just these two).

  2. People that vote only on small social issues, especially gay marriage/abortion/gun control, are such suckers. It almost makes me depressed to think about how much our country is driven by ignorant emotions rather than cognitive and clear thought. Our current generation of republicans, besides Ron Paul, are not even republicans. They want more control and oversight over the average citizen than ever. That is the definition of big brother, and 5% lower taxes won’t fool me.

    The things that really matter are forgotten: Fiscal responsibility, a more internationally competitive education program, government transparency, a measured reduction in government corruption and a reduction in executive authority.

    But this will fall on many deaf ears because people, myself included, are pretty stubborn and self righteous.

    The future doesn’t look so bright- but I have hope…

  3. There are no more statesmen.

    McCain? Not hardly.

    But if Obama and Hillary are all the Democrats can come up with, the U.S. is doomed.

    The only reason that Apple tech’s support these “politicians” is because they have their heads in computer code all day and have no idea what’s really going on in the world. Just because these folks are smart one way, doesn’t mean they are smart in other ways… in fact it now appears quite the opposite.

  4. People that vote only on small social issues, especially gay marriage/abortion/gun control, are such suckers.

    The things that really matter are forgotten: Fiscal responsibility, a more internationally competitive education program, government transparency, a measured reduction in government corruption and a reduction in executive authority.

    I agree with the second part of what you posted, but those issues you labeled as “small social issues” are important culturally and impact society in ways most people don’t seem to understand.

    “Gay marriage” is like saying you want “dry water”; water is wet and marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Abortion speaks to the lack of respect for life and the lack of personal responsibility for one’s own actions. It’s just too convenient to disregard that life rather than to think about whether or not you should be doing what made that life in the first place.

    Gun control is serious because people cannot truly be free if they can’t defend themselves from their own government. Read some of the writing of the Founding Fathers; defense against one’s own government was a major reason for the Second Amendment.

  5. Right on, TexasAg03. Those three “small social issues” are at the very core of our belief system.

    Come on folks, you want to fight for the life of a known criminal on death row preparing to receive the social justice he deserves, but you say it’s ok to kill an unborn child? What the hell is wrong with you?? Wish your folks made that call? What makes you so special to have gotten to live?

    Think Saddam didn’t have WMDs just because they didn’t find them 6 months after they told him to get rid of them? Think he wouldn’t have gutted you if he had the chance? He’d hand you your bleeding heart in a dish, ChrissyOne. Don’t believe me? Check out a copy of John Glover’s book, Humanity. Read carefully the part how he returned a wrongfully imprisoned man to his desperate, begging mother holding his own eyeballs, then had his men shoot him to death when he got close enough for her to see the situation. And you wanted to read him his rights, huh? You just wanted to give him the opportunity to prove us “ignorant redneck Christian racist conservatives” wrong, didn’t you? You’re a fool, even if you’re intelligent. You need to sit down and think about what is really important in your life, and why you’re free to live the way you do. Now how bad are you willing to fight to protect it? Willing to kill for it? Or do you think you can reason with an enemy like Saddam?

    Hello out there — we need to wake up. Our country, nay, our freedom is at stake. We have the lowest morals ever known in the history of our nation. There is corruption in every organization: be it government, religious, business, education…so don’t think that just because some loud-mouthed idiot politician says something and a few thousand screaming followers agree that that’s the way the rest of this country feels. I don’t think the ‘change’ Obama is referring to is the change you want.

    Less government control, less telling me how to live my life, the better. Man, they’ve even forced the restaurants in New York to comply with this trans-fat free nonsense. You can’t escape trans fats, all you can do is minimize your intake. Not saying it’s not a good idea, but to make it a law? Sheesh, that just sets the stage for them to bind you legally to a clothing scheme. Girls, what do you think? Your shorts are too short, why don’t you try on this nice luxurious burka? In fact, put it on or you’re breaking the law. Penalty for breaking the law in the new United Saudi States? Death!

    Vote Obama, watch it happen. Change…but is it the kind we really want?

    I can’t even stand conspiracy theorists, but maybe they’re on to something…

  6. People who are actually PAYING to help get these clowns into office are complete idiots. Iwouldn’t trust any of the three current clowndidates to run a lemonade stand, much less a superpower.

    Then again, whatever. Looking where the last 100 years got us, they couldn’t do any worse (or, at this point, probably make any difference).

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