Analysts warn Nokia’s ‘Tube’ Apple iPhone lookalike could fail due to disappointing operating system

“Details of Nokia Corp.’s upcoming riposte to Apple Inc.’s iPhone are beginning to emerge, but analysts cautioned that while the touch-screen gadget is bound to look snazzy, its operating system could disappoint,” Aude Lagorce reports for MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll look “snazzy” only because it’s a freaking direct knockoff of Apple’s iPhone exterior. Nokia should be ashamed, but this is what they do when they’re years behind; they dress up what they have in a fake iPhone case and try to dupe the ignorant.

Lagorce continues, “Nokia this week teased industry observers with a slide showing the phone, code-named the ‘tube,’ at the Evans Data Developer Conference in Redwood City, Calif. Yet a Nokia spokesman declined to give a precise date for the launch, only saying it would happen in the second half of the year.”

“‘The iPhone had a seismic impact on the industry,’ said Ben Wood, an analyst at U.K. telecoms consultancy CSS Insight,” Lagorce reports. “‘From the day it was released, every other phone out there became disappointing,” he said. “Unless Nokia’s product is amazingly good, they’d better not come out with anything.'”

“When Nokia’s first touch-screen phone eventually comes out, looks will be important, but software is what could make the difference between success and failure,” Lagorce reports. “Richard Windsor, of Nomura International, said that when he tested the latest version of the S60 operating system, understood to be the software the Nokia touch phone will run on, he was ‘deeply unimpressed.'”

“‘While the device looks great, we think that the software that runs it could easily end up being a massive disappointment,’ he said,” Lagorce reports.

“Carolina Milanesi, research director in the mobile device practice of Gartner, also had doubts. She believes the S60 operating system will only allow users to use one finger at a time when giving commands on the touch screen. In comparison, the iPhone’s interface is “multi touch,” meaning it can respond to the use of several digits simultaneously,” Lagorce reports. “Other analysts also predicted a difficult start for Nokia’s first direct response to the iPhone.”

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  1. Seems like every friggin phone company is just sending their existing phone to the chrome factory, errr the iPhone copy factory. Don’t they get it that a turd is still a turd even if you chrome plate it?

    The old saying of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” could be well adopted to the cell phone industry with minor changes. “If you don’t have a competant iPhone competitor, don’t release anything at all”

  2. Gee thanks, Nokia!

    When people are disappointed in how your iPhone lookalike does not function, many people will associate your phone with the iPhone. (after all, looks are what matter, right?)

    speaking as a Nokia user in an area that does not have AT&T;

  3. Damn the thing isn’t released yet and people are predicting that it will die a horrible death. They are right though. The iPhone isn’t the first touch screen phone. it isn’t the first full web browser either.

    It is the first intergrated touch screen phone that allows practical web browsing on a small screen.

    someday electronic companies will realize software matters as much as hardware. But not before the iphone spills a lot more blood.

  4. A short year ago this June the iPhone was being compared to the entire cell phone industry. My, how the tables have turned. The entire cell phone industry is now being compared to the iPhone as the gold standard… and none of the other products even come close!

    I want them to keep spending money and at least attempting to compete though, I would not like Apple to have any reason to rest on their multi-touch pad.

  5. I do not think that multi-touch is such a big deal. I rarely use multi-touch on my iphone. Hardly ever, actually. The real advantages are that iPhone makes it easy for me to do what I want, quickly and obviously. Such as adding two calls into a conference call. Or knowing exactly what is going to happen when I put one call on hold and answer a “beeped in” call. Or an obvious notification that I missed a call or sms. Or which icon means what. Or that I will not be charged for clicking on the internet icon. Or many other simple things that other phones have dreadfully wrong.

    MDNMW race, as in getting out of the rat race.

  6. @kenh

    Don’t worry. People won’t make that mistake. When I was younger, I knew the difference between Transformers (iPhone) and GoBots (Nokia). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  7. I love this quote from the artiicle: “He added Nokia is likely taking its time because of its “obsession with reliability and durability.”

    It’s likely that N is taking its time because its nearly impossible to achieve and iPhone 2.0 will raise the bar another 100 notches in June. AAND Nokia probably won’t even try to deliver until close to the end of the year. The iPhone will have so much incredible software available by then it will be completely unreachable!

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