“New York City, universally known as The Big Apple, is facing a lawsuit from Steve Jobs’ Apple Computer Inc. [sic] for, of all things, copyright infringement,” Hilary Potkewitz reports for Crain’s New York Business.

“The suit stems from New York’s environmental awareness campaign, GreeNYC, and its logo, which uses the outline of an apple, complete with a little leaf on top. Filed in September, the suit had gone unnoticed until this week. The California computer giant claims the drawing is too similar to its ubiquitous trademark,” Potkewitz reports.

“New York City Corp. Counsel Michael Cardozo quickly filed a counterclaim to have Apple’s case thrown out, citing differences between both logo,” Potkewitz reports.

“‘[GreeNYC’s logo] so closely resembles Apple’s [logo] that its use is likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception in the minds of consumers,’ wrote Apple Computer’s lawyers in their September filing with the Trademark Trial and Appeal board objecting to the logo,” Potkewitz reports. “The company cited its New York flagship store, the giant glass cube on 5th Avenue, as a tourist attraction, and claimed people walking around carrying bags, wearing caps or drinking out of bottles emblazoned with GreeNYC apples would ‘likely cause dilution of the distinctiveness of [Apple Computer’s brand], resulting in damage and injury to the company.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: GreeNYC’s logo is too close to Apple Inc.’s. Apple must protect its logo – a logo the company has spent millions upon millions of dollars to establish – or risk setting a precedent to which future trademark infringers of one of the world’s most-recognizable logos could point, along with exposing one of the world’s top brands to unknown future damages. Apple is right to zealously protect their logo.

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