Apple’s rumored Multi-Touch tablet to be powered by Intel’s ‘Atom’ processor?

“What will Steve Jobs do next? …The latest clue will come Wednesday in Shanghai at the Intel Developer Forum, where the chip maker will detail its new lineup of low-cost, low-power processors, dubbed Atom, for handheld devices and embedded gizmos,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“Intel announced more than 20 customers for the new chips Monday, including Fujitsu, Lenovo, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Toshiba,” Caulfield reports. “Intel’s most intriguing customer, however, isn’t showing its intentions. This is despite the fact that analysts say Apple will almost certainly dip into Intel’s new line of processors, as they grow both more power-efficient and more powerful.”

“While Apple is far from Intel’s biggest customer, where Apple goes, the rest of the industry tends to follow. Take a look at Dell and Gateway’s iMac knockoffs, introduced last year, for a case-study in Apple’s influence,” Caulfield reports.

“So what do Atom’s specs tell us? The new processors will run at speeds of up to 1.83 Ghz–cranking out performance comparable to a 2004 era notebook–while using only modest amounts of power. The result will be a new class of pocket-sized, battery-powered gizmos, which Intel says will begin shipping later this quarter,” Caulfield reports.

“Such a gizmo sounds an awful lot like the tablet-sized, Web-surfing touch-screen gizmo some speculate Apple is working on,” Caulfield reports.

Full article, complete with the idiotic Roger Kay offering his meaningless, yet oddly rhyming, quotes, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TowerTone” for the heads up.]


  1. There is absolutely no question about it. Intel already leaked it with their advertising for Atom (picture of a device peeking out of the pocket). This was the device they were so stoked about when their VP salivated over the “devices to come” from Apple. This is the all important OS X mobile platform that Tim Cook talked about referring to the iPhone/iPod Touch

  2. June is so far away and yet ALREADY we have the powerful Apple FUD machine running.

    Apple to display functional anti-gravity. Just you wait. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  3. Could an Atom chip fit in the heavily rumored new iPhone? iPhone stocks are running dry. Would/Could Apple be planning on insanely boosting iPhone’s capabilities?

    What would this mean to the iPhone SDK? Would there need to be a different SDK for the new cpu? Mind you, the new cpu could easily handle emulation but it doesn’t wholly make sense….

    As well, I couldn’t imagine a THIRD SDK for a new product: 1) Mac SDK, 2) iPhone/Touch SDK, 3) Tablet SDK, so you have to assume they would want to have developers work on no more than two platforms. Granted the iPhone SDK is the same development as the Mac, you need to use a whole host of unique API’s.

    Thoughts anyone?

  4. i am no engineer, but the specs on the atom just don’t don’t look iPhone like. maybe in a few iterations, but not now.

    i really do think we have a 7-10 inch screen tablet device coming, and maybe a 5-6 inch version too. and in about 2-3 years everyone will be using them and the idea that the MBA left off the optical drive will be as funny as how people freaked over not having a floppy….

  5. Does anyone else notice the recent penchant for using the words ‘gadget’ and ‘gizmo’ in every article? It’s making the tech press sound like octogenarian luddites waving their canes in the air.
    “Damn gizmo, I can’t make this durn thing tune in to Matlock! When can’t I get channel 7?”
    Uh, that’s an iPod, dad.

  6. @C1–Gadget
    Yeah, I complained about this last year when seeing the iPhone referred to as a “gadget”. I thought it was cheapening and demeaning. I’ve come to the conclusion that these writers simply don’t know how to classify the iPhone/iTouch any other way. I guess this is actually a compliment in that it is an acknowledgement that Apple has created a new category of device not fully define and yet unnamed.

  7. Hey C1, lighten up.
    I used to be able to shake my cane but now my walker is to heavy to lift. i Like the wheels though, the’re like those new-fangled travel bag gizmoes with the wheels…Dern young-uns come up with good new gadget ideas once in a while. Just can’t get the gumption to toss out my green samsonite set though…

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