Apple blasts Microsoft Windows PCs in two new ‘Get a Mac’ ads (with video)

In two new ads now running on broadcast and cable TV networks across the U.S. and also available online, Apple blasts Microsoft’s Windows Vista and the inferior horizontal integration PC model (too many cooks in the kitchen) vs. Apple’s superior vertical integration Mac model (control of the whole widget):

Apple’s Get a Mac “Yoga” ad featuring “Miss Guided” actress Judy Greer:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

Apple’s Get a Mac “Breakthrough” ad:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

The ads are available in a variety of sizes and qualities (up to HD) via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. These ads are great to the esoteric group of people like us who frequent websites like this.

    For normal people, they NEED to have Mac ads like the iPhone ads. Period.
    When the iPhone ads came out, you know, showing what it can do and stuff, I said to myself “Why the EFF doesn’t Apple do those types of ads with the Mac?”

    Who know.

  2. They need to drop these ads and work on a new formula. Time to grow up I think. You don’t see any ads where BMW or Merc makes fun of Ford or Vauxhall etc.

    I agree with The Mac God, the ads need to be more like the iPhone ones. Or better.

  3. @THE.MAC.GOD — Yeah, you’re right, what are those guys at Apple and Chiat thinking? They should ask you. If they followed your advice, I bet Mac market share would be really climbing right now, instead of…

    Ooops, Mac market share IS climbing. Radically. Huh, I guess they aren’t as dumb as you think.

    Meanwhile, I gotta say, I think Judy Greer is incredibly cute.

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