Survey shows nearly one half of US iPhone owners have added unofficial third-party apps

“An extensive study released Tuesday by Rubicon Consulting reveals that nearly one half of US iPhone users have taken measures to add applications to the handset on their own, while just a bit more than 10 percent say they’ve unlocked the device from AT&T’s wireless network,” AppleInsider reports. “More specifically, the survey of 460 randomly-selected iPhone users last month found that nearly 50 percent have at one point added at least one application to the handset.”

“However, only 13 percent of those US iPhone owners say they’ve unlocked the device, suggesting that the upcoming release of iPhone software 2.0 and the official iPhone App Store will address the most controversial aspect of the handset facing US consumers since its release late last June,” AppleInsider reports. “A followup question on the most desired features appears to support that thesis, with more than 40 percent of respondents saying that want the ability to easily add third party applications.”

“Rubicon estimates that AT&T is generating about $2 billion in incremental yearly service revenues from the first three million iPhones sold in the US, with that figure set to increase as more iPhones are purchased and activated. A good chunk of that revenue — or $1.64 billion — is presumed to come from the 1.41 million (or 47 percent of iPhone owners) who say they switched to AT&T from another carrier in order to use the Apple handset,” AppleInsider reports.

Much more in the full report here.

Rubicon Consulting’s “The Apple iPhone: Successes and Challenges for the Mobile Industry” whitepaper is available via pdf here.

This obviously bodes well for Apple’s iPhone Software 2.0 and the iTunes App Store.


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