25-year PC vet dumps Microsoft’s Windows for Apple Mac, finds ‘digital heaven’

“I was an avid fan of PCs for 25 years. I was an ardent supporter of Microsoft Windows, even during the dark Me years. However, when Vista came to my desk last fall, I lost my passion for PCs,” Dave Murphy, founder of ITrain.org, blogs for SaysDave.com.

MacDailyNews Take: Déjà vu: 15-year Windows vet tries Apple Mac: ‘My God! This is amazing!’ – December 04, 2006

“For the last two weeks, I have been in computing heaven,” Dave writes. After his “Sony Vaio, running Windows Vista Business Edition, crashed for the umpteenth time,” Dave’s wife, “a computer engineer, overheard my under-the-breath comments and suggested that I finally give up on Vista, as it seemed to require more time to maintain that to productively use. She suggested that I call Apple and order a MacBook; she was sure that they could deliver it within a day.”

Dave writes, “Today, it has been two weeks since my Vista computer last crashed. I don’t care; I am in heaven with my MacBook Pro. I have been more productive on this machine than I ever was on a DOS or Windows machine… I cannot imagine ever buying another Windows notebook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And yet another pair of eyes pop open; blinking in the light. Welcome, Dave!


  1. Great story. Maybe the Mac conversion IS a religious experience! I felt the same way back in 1997 when I got my first iMac. All my friends were getting PCs. They had to install multiple discs of software, connect an endless array of thick wires and plugs, and had utterly unreliable components (dude, I need a new ___). When I got my first Tangerine iMac, all I did was plug it in, and it was ready to go. Now that was a change in affairs!!!

    PC vs. Mac? No comparison. Never was while Steve Jobs was around.

    Welcome, Dave!

  2. I dumped windows way back in the days of 3.1. Although I’d used computers on and off since the late 1970s (pre any type of window interface) every time I used a non-mac computer either something would go wrong or I’d have to fix something that had gone wrong for someone else.

    In 1993 a friend gave me his ageing Mac Plus. In all that time I’d only ever lost two paragraphs of work, and that was when I was using OS 6x. Needless to say I don’t use a Mac Plus anymore.

    Nowadays, I take a lot of satisfaction in switching windows users. It’s not a matter of telling people how superior macs are (which many of the mac fan boys insist on doing) rather it’s about getting windows users to experience hassle free computing. Using a mac is fun whilst using a windows machine just means problems. That’s what it was like in 1993 and it hasn’t changed in 15 years.

  3. I heard the guy´s grandfather finally gave up the horse and buggy in 1943 – 25 years after the first cars came off the assembly line.
    Said the man in 1943 -” I guess horses aren´t the future for transportation.”

  4. Two ways to impress a Windows user.

    1. Shortcuts

    Put a file and a folder on the desktop. Make an alias to the file. (the PC user would call this a shortcut.) Double-click to demonstrate that the alias works. Rename the file and move it into the folder. Double click on the alias–the file opens! [A Windows shortcut would produce an error message, would volunteer to find the file, and fail.]

    2. Video

    Open a web page with any kind of animation. Grab the window with the mouse and jerk it around all over the screen. The animation remains in the window and keeps playing. [On Windows the animation doesn’t move with the window; you have to put the window back in its original position to see the animation again.]

    I showed a PC user #1 at Best Buy yesterday. It was enough to induce him to buy a Mac.

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