Grand Opening of Apple Store, Grand Arcade, Cambridge, UK videos and photos

“I’m just back from the Cambridge Apple Store which opened [Thursday, March 27th] along with the rest of the Grand Arcade,” MisterMac reports.

Direct link via YouTube:

The shop seemed pretty standard, not very big but nicely laid out as you’d expect. After having a look about and play with an iPhone I remembered to enter the competition (once I found it). I also took some photos,” MisterMac reports.

“I kinda felt sorry for the other shops, most had more staff than customers in comparison, the guy at the Sony store looked quite miffed,” MisterMac reports.

See the photos, more videos, and read the full article here.

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  1. MDN, a new liquor store just opened down the street, why didn’t you announce this splendid occasion? Don’t you have better news headlines that store openings? Do we have to suffer the announcement of every last store that Apple opens?

    Also, why didn’t you announce the big drops as AAPL lost a third of its share price?

    You should strive to be “fair and balanced” like Fox news. We want to hear about the bad Apple, not just the good Apple.

  2. @Girlie Man
    MDN stands for Mac Daily News, not liquor daily news. Point your horn somewhere else.

    They did announce big drops and the big rise.

    Why on earth should they be fair and balanced! Who ever promised you anything fair? Life isn’t!

  3. And the mall and all the shops close at 6:00pm!!!!! Except ‘Late’ hours on Wednesday – 8:00pm. Brits are freaking nuts. Everything about living there for 3 years was incredibly inconvenient. All the shops are set up for what’s best for them – not what’s best for the customer!

  4. @Cambridge Grad: “Brits are freaking nuts?” You really must’ve made lots of friends whilst in Cambridge. 6pm can seem early, but perhaps people have lives beyond shopping? Most of the supermarkets stay open much later than that and people tend to want food late rather than the latest cool top. I feel sorry for the staff.

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