Gartner backtracks on report of additional 10 million 3G Apple iPhones

“Technology research firm Gartner on Thursday tried to clear up reports that it had said Apple might be buying 10 million iPhones capable of connecting to much faster data networks,” Antone Gonsalves reports for InformationWeek.

“The iPod Observer reported this week that Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney said Apple may have ordered 10 million iPhones that support 3G networks, based on rumors in Asia. That report later got circulated on the Web, where the comments were misinterpreted as a Gartner prediction, Dulaney’s boss, Bob Hafner, said,” Gonsalves reports.

Gonsalves reports, “Gartner doesn’t know whether Apple has actually placed an order for 3G iPhones, but the researcher does believe the next version of the touch-screen smartphone will have those high-speed capabilities. ‘If Apple was to place an order, than 10 million would be a reasonable number,’ Hafner said. ‘And we absolutely believe that in the next-generation iPhone 3G will be there.'”

Gonsalves reports, “As to rumors of Apple placing an order for the high-speed phones, Hafner said, “We have not got confirmation that an order had been placed.”

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  1. I wish something would break on this. Switching to AT&T;at the beginning of May and if I knew they were going to be here by June, I’d hold out for the 3G. Otherwise I’ll just have to go for the current EDGE network technology and wait two years to get a new one! Will AT&T;ever update their EDGE network to make it faster?

  2. Well, I suppose APPL will drop as a result…

    I don’t know why anyone would have taken rumors to be fact anyhow. After that post yesterday about the doubling of EDGE speeds, perhaps 3G is coming in the backdoor. No new hardware needed. Personally, EDGE is my ONLY complaint about the iPhone. Well, actually, I wish it had cut/paste functions too, but it’s not a big deal to me, though June and iPhone OS 2.0 can’t come soon enough! I don’t store music on my iPhone (I am quite happy with Pandora) so I have nearly 8GBs of free space, just itching for new apps to fill it up!

  3. Useless rumor-type news anyway. I could make up better stuff than most of these so-called analysts. The “news” firms should employ palm readers and astrologers – the results would likely be more specific and more accurate.

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