FlyTunes now offers over 160 channels of music and talk for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch

FlyTunes Inc. today announced that since its launch in January, it has tripled its channel offerings from 50 to over 160 channels that cover all genres of music, as well as talk, sports and local weather.

The new music channels on FlyTunes include top rated Radio Paradise,,, and 53 music channels from In the talk category, FlyTunes has added NPR,, and local weather in the top 15 U.S. markets.

Over the last eight weeks, FlyTunes has signed up hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch owners for its free satellite radio-like listening experience. The average FlyTunes iPhone user listens eight hours per month — according to Comscore, that’s over four times the amount the average YouTube user streams per month.

“We’re quite proud that FlyTunes has been so well accepted by iPhone users,” said Sam Abadir, FlyTunes CEO, in the press release. “In the near future, we’re going to continue to sweeten the experience by adding more great content, new features like time shifting and station personalization, and support for other internet-enabled mobile devices.”

FlyTunes works with iPhones and iPod Touch players and is compatible with Macintosh or PC computers. The service is available for free at


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