Apple Store Rockingham Park employees charged with theft of 332 iPhones

“Two men employed to sell iPhones at the Apple Computer Store in the Mall at Rockingham Park [Salem, New Hampshire] went into business for themselves, stealing 332 of them before being caught by their bosses, police said,” James A. Kimble reports for The Eagle-Tribune.

“Police yesterday arrested Joshua Garrand, 28, of Methuen, Mass., and Christopher Nashed, 22, of Sandown on felony theft charges of stealing $132,468 worth of the popular computer phone and reselling them on the black market, police said,” Kimble reports.

“Garrand and Nashed were taken into custody at their homes yesterday afternoon without incident,” Kimble reports.

“Investigators were first contacted by the store in early January. Salem police Sgt. Steve Malisos dug through store records and spent three months on the case,” Kimble reports.

“Deputy police Chief William Ganley said the department has dealt with a lot of employee thefts over the years, but nothing comparable to the iPhone case,” Kimble reports.

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  1. Leniency please! Their childhood was wrought with the unhappiness of not owning, touching, tasting a cell phone. Their ability to discern right from wrong has been warped from such dour conditions. Mr Jobs..please!!

  2. wow, Apple usually tries to sweep this sort of thing under the rug. i watched someone get fired for stealing ~$60k worth of shit and all that person had to do was recover the merch and pay for what wasn’t returned. i also saw someone get canned for a nifty little credit card scam she had going on and again, all apple had her do was pay them back… obviously fired as well.

    so to actually have apple press charges and let this into the news is kind of a big deal… i guess maybe the difference here is it creates positive press for the iPhone? “look at how popular our awesome phone is, employees are stealing them by the crate load!!!”

    nobody will ever know what apple’s motives are… they’re a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

  3. The thing that strikes me as ODD, is that they stole 332 iPhones from the same store! That’s a lot of phones vanishing into thin air. Now, wouldn’t you think after, say 10 phones went missing ( of the red hot iPhone ) you’d want to put a huge lock down of them, and keep very close inventory count on these?!

    Seems like Apple cooperate kept on just shipping them phones, and these guys kept on pocketing them without a second thought.

  4. “nobody will ever know what apple’s motives are… they’re a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

    You forgot soft, gooey, Caramel … the kind that makes you go – MMmmm.

    (now we know why iPhones are so hard to find at Apple Stores in New York these days!)

  5. I had to fire someone once for stealing a pack of Gummy Bears…

    Personally I think it may be a PR stunt… As NeverFade said… I think they would have caught on LONG before it got to 332… and even if it started in January when they said the “investigators” where informed… I doubt it would have taken the “investigators” that long to figure out who was walking out of the store with that many iPhones.

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