Report: New York City Apple Stores sold out of iPhones

“New York may now have three Apple stores, but there’s not a single iPhone among them,” Danny Shea reports for The Huffington Post.

“Apple Store employees at all three New York locations — the original SoHo store, the 59th Street location, and the most recent addition, on West 14th Street — have confirmed that each store is sold out of iPhones, and they don’t know when they’ll be getting new ones,” Shea reports.

Full (brief) article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We can confirm (via iPhone, no less) that each of the three NYC stores are reporting “currently sold out.” The iPhone is still available at AT&T Stores in and around Manhattan.


  1. Reminds me of the time last October at the 5th Av NYC store when I saw people lined up to buy iPhone and iTouch. It was lunch hour and the line up to the little folding table was 12 deep for an entire hour. The Apple folks were swiping credit cards and selling these two gadgets as fast as, well, hot-cakes!

    It literally blew my mind to see this unparalleled rate of consumption. I knew then that this was no phenomenon, it was an industry being born before my eyes. And yes, I wept tears of joy at this prophetic sight.

    So at that rate, how come they just ran out of iPhone/iTouch now? Emptying product channels maybe? Hmmm….
    Stay tuned!

  2. Even the Apple Store takes 5-7 business days to ship an iPhone? This could be good news.

    On another note, I have been to three different Best Buy stores and noticed that none have the TV. It is not even available through their web store. This has been going on for a month. One employee told me they are waiting for the next generation, due by June. (And yes, I had an entire shaker full of salt with me….)

  3. Zillions of tourists devouring everything in sight!

    Word of the SDK and impending third party iPhone apps have people salivating.

    With the dollar’s value down the tubes and iPhone cracks so easily got… wouldn’t you get one too?!

  4. I went to the Stonestown, San Francisco store several times to buy a 16 gig and was told that none of the stores had them. I went back several days in a row (around 10 March). I finally ordered it through the online store on the 13th. It didn’t ship until the 20th and I finally got it yesterday. There seems to be a lot of demand for the 16 gig. The ATT stores have the 8 gig (my brother just got his recently).

  5. No iPhone for me!!!

    I love Apple but are people stupid or something?

    3G IS THE SH*T!!, it’s lightning FAST. I know I tried it on a LAPTOP, yes A LAPTOP!!

    Storage on current iPhones is a frigging JOKE!!

    The camera is nearly about worthless unless it’s 8MP or better.

    GPS, where the FSCK IS THE GPS???

    Zooming the iphone screen is another joke, WHOOPS hit a link by accident? Got to wait until the page loads and then go back and then try again.

    All over the SLOW ASS Edge network!!!

    The iPhone is sold out in NYC because Apple keeps supply short as to generate BUZZ!!!

    It’s a old tactic, but the masses are waiting for the “RIGHT” iPhone.

    1: GPS
    2: More Storage
    3: Open carrier/3G
    4: Connect options, USB 2+, wireless
    5: Better camera
    6: Stylus

    etc etc.

    And what would sell the iPhone like crazy?


    Right now I can get a free device that plugs into USB and then I connect a regular old phone into that and can make UNLIMITED CALLS to/in the US for only $20 A YEAR!!!

    $60 a month for At&T;and $600 for a iPhone that does a half assed job of a $800 laptop? FSCK THAT!!

    Fix the iPhone Apple or die trying. Also fix the lousy glossy glary screens too.

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