Apple board member Al Gore gets option to buy 10,000 shares

“Apple Inc. board member Al Gore, the former U.S. vice president, got an option to buy 10,000 shares of the computer maker’s stock,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

“The exercise price is $129.67 a share, Apple’s closing price on March 19, according to a regulatory filing. The option expires in 10 years,” Guglielmo reports.

“In January, Gore exercised options to buy 1,000 shares at $7.48, reaping a potential profit of more than $124,000,” Guglielmo reports.

Full article here.


  1. I was going to say, what in the hell does Al Gore actually do for the company anyway? Sounds like it’s absolutely nothing except for taking up space in board meetings and raking in stock options.

  2. Al Gore-

    Helped kill Nuclear so his coal buddies could reap the benefits while pumping out more pollution than any other form of energy.

    Now he want’s me to drive a crappy car and pay a carbon tax.

    Thx Al!

  3. “So what are doing to reduce your carbon butt print?”

    1) I don’t tell people to go on a diet while pigging out.

    That is my view of Al Gore and his carbon offsets. “This is what y’all should do, not me…”

  4. @I hate al gore

    you being sarcastic or just absolutely dumb?

    ‘because he is a liar and a fear-monger.
    and a democrat. and a loser.’

    Al Gore would/’ve been the greatest thing for the US and the rest ow the world. That’s clear, which ever angle you look at it! Wake up a little won’t you…

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